Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving was SICK!

In pretty much both ways we use the word sick; meaning cool and sickly.

Everyone got sick that week, one by one.  Some threw up and had other stomach problems.  Others just felt a general queasiness that wouldn't leave them for the day.  

I, myself, got sick on Sunday, the day we drove 12 hours to come back to Provo.  I threw up 2 times before we left, and maybe 4 more times on the road.  It was a delight for all the passengers in the car.  

If you think I am serious about it being a delight, then you belong to the 
Adam's Family. (*snap* *snap*)

Even more sad my favorite person in the world got sick on Friday so he couldn't come with us shopping for wedding stuff...He was really sick ok.  I know your thinking "How convenient that he got sick on the day you were shopping for wedding stuff..."  But when we went on Sat he wanted to come too.  And he did and he liked it. 
(Name that movie for 60,000 cool points).

Now onto the cool sick part.  Adrian fits in so well with my family.  I knew he would, that's why I wasn't nervous.  And I think we had a lot of fun and nothing really embarrassing happened atall (as my Grandmother would say).

Except my family informed me that we are loud kissers.  
Which I think we kinda already knew.  

Well your really here for the pictures aren't you, but actually I didn't take that many, but I took some so here they be in a Thanksgiving collage!


Renny said...

The Sandlot.

Cool points please.

The Petersons said...

Dang you Lindsey, always stealing my cool points.