Thursday, April 5, 2012

April: It's a Great Month

Think about it...

This month I get to marry the bestest guy in the whole world.  Really I am so dearly in love with him.  And I just know we're gonna be the happiest people together.  DANG people I am so extremely blessed to have him in my life.  You have no idea.

This month I graduate.  Think of all those posts where I have wasted your life making you read about how much I am not enjoying or I am enjoying school.  But now it's all over and I can start making the big a teacher.

This month I get married for time and all eternity to Adrian.

This month I got a teaching job.  Yep just signed the contract today and I start in April.  It's crazy.  I will be able to support my family as Adrian goes through school still.  And I get to teach.  And that is fun, hard, but rewarding.

This month I get married to la creme de la creme.

This month I get my first spring break since March 2007.  Nuff said.

This month I get married to the guy who is all that and a bag of chips, & the,

This month it starts warming up and the weather is just perfect for an outdoor reception.

This month I get married to the man who is so silly and hilarious, so intelligent, so loving, so insightful, so hard working, so diligent, so loving, (and I could just go on and on) so perfect for me in every way.

This month is a great month.

This month I start my marriage with Adrian!

This month I get to meet my future parent-in-laws.  I am excited because their kids are awesome, meaning they must be so awesome!

This month is going to be a great month...oh and did I mention that I'm getting MARRIED!?


Lindsey Reynolds said...

Wait what? You're getting MARRIED??? When!?!?!?! May? June? August?

Celeste said...

You're getting married? I think that last sentence totally caught me off guard, for cereal? ;)

Anonymous said...

So proud of you!

Ruth said...

so happy for your new job, new marriage to come, new journey and adventures! God bless you in all!

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