Monday, May 21, 2012

Just Fantastic!

I am typing this on Adrián's computer so it says that every word I write is spelled wrong.  Also I just figured out how to do the apostrophe, but maybe I can not remember anymore so I probably will not be using many contractions...probably none contractions.

Being married is just fantastic.  What can I say?  I love it.

I put the laundry in just now and I am waiting.  I think all the dryers are being used so I might have to take it to another place to do the drying and that place may be WyView because I know they have those ginormous dryers where I can dry everything at once for two bucks.  Which is less than what I would spend here because these dryers do not dry very well...

Anyways...  Here is a list of things you should plan on doing in your life.

I highly reccomend that you do them anyways because they have brought me great joy.

  1. Graduate from college and WALK in graduation-  No it is nothing like your meaningless high school graduation.  The biggest reason I hear that people do not to walk in their college graduation is because they walked in highschool and it was not special at all.  Well think about it people.  In high school you probably knew that you were not done.  You knew that you still had at least 4 more years of school.  Probably you went to public school so every penny you made the last four years, or even every penny of your parents money was sunk into your highschool education.  (Taxes: your community helped you get through high school).  You had a set curriculum of classes with very little choices of what you wanted to study and focus on.  High school was the bane of your existence.  But this is college where every penny you make is pretty much for school, you get to really start planning your whole life and study only what really interests you.  College has made you go through every emotion you have, it has made you sweat, bleed, cry, and even want to die at times or just drop out and go on no longer.  And now you have made it through, not only can you see the light at the end of the tunnel you are basking in it.  And it is glorious.  When you walk across the stage and they give you that empty diploma case (diploma comes in mail later) it is like you climbed Mount Everest.  You did it.  And nothing seems impossible to you.  You can do anything.  And you really can.  You are not only happy and proud of yourself, but you are happy and proud of every one of your fellow graduates.  You have all fought a good fight and won!
  2. Get married in the temple-  I do not think I can accurately describe how amazing this experience is.  Knowing that I get to be sealed to my wonderful fantastic husband Adrián for eternity is the best feeling ever.  The temple brings a peace to life words can not describe and you will only know if you go to the temple.  Life is so much more beautiful, and meaningful after going to the temple.  You feel a renewed sense of strength to be good and righteous.  To stand up for what you believe.  Knowing that I can go there with Adrián and he has those same beliefs as me gives me so much hope and fills me with so much love for him.  Whatever path you are on that is leading you away from the temple STOP and repent, use the Atonement, go back to that straight and narrow path to the temple because nothing, I repeat NOTHING will make you happier than knowing that you will be with your family forever, knowing how much God and Jesus love you and how much everyone really has so much worth and life has so much meaning.  It is really the most wonderful feeling.    
Those are the best things and really getting sealed in the temple is the bestest thing I just put them in the order that they happened to me.  

If you have no idea what temple I am talking about, I am talking about the LDS or Mormon Temple, there are a bunch of them around the world.  You can go to or to learn more about mormons or to just learn more about temples you can go to


Lindsey Reynolds said...

You're a good girl Shushi. I'm proud of you!

The other day we were wandering around VT and there was this plaque in a store that said, "I smile because you're my sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

I wanted to buy it for you and Madalynn, but I didn't.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are so happy! I am so proud of you. Love Mom