Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stranger Thoughts

Have you been watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix?


If not you should try it out because it's pretty good man.

We are 4 episodes in now and we look forward to watching 1 or 2 episodes every night.

Although, when I first heard about the show I was told it was going to be like an X-Files type show. And I guess it kind of is in the way that there's a conspiracy (or is there?) But the thing about the X-Files that I loved is it was scary.

So scary I wasn't allowed to watch it for years. So scary that watching it now still scares me sometimes.

And makes me laugh too sometimes, but mostly it was scary.

Like episode 2 of season 1, THAT GUY GETS INTO YOUR LOCKED HOUSE AND EATS YOUR LIVER! AND HE HAS YELLOW EYES, "SO HELP ME, YELLOW EYES!" (10 points if you know where that quote is from).

But I digress...

"Stranger Things" has so far only made me cry a lot.  It has a few on the edge of your seat moments but mostly it has just made me cry a lot.


Because a little boy goes missing and that makes me sad.


because I cry super easily. I mean I cry at commercials for goodness sakes. Not the Sarah McLaughlin animal cruelty commercial. But the "Touched By an Angel" lady commercial with the kids in third world countries who don't have families.

Basically anytime I feel like a child is hurting or a family is hurting, I'm going to cry.

Anyways, that got a bit too serious and sad.

But yeah, Adrian's coworkers told him "Stranger Things" was scary. One of them even had to watch a happy show afterwards so they could calm down and go to bed after they finished.

So far I'm like "This is just sad, not scary!"

But I think it gets scarier towards the end. Right now it's the setup and then the scare. Hopefully. Yes maybe.

If you spoil this show for me, you should know that I will find you and I will give you a purple nurple.

You've been warned. 

Or a swirly.

You've been warned.

Or a package of Oreo's that is EMPTY! And then you'll see me enjoying all the Oreo's with a nice tall glass of milk. And when you ask for some, I will say "NO! Go give yourself a swirly," while giving you a purple nurple. And then I will finish watching "Stranger Things" and glare at you periodically because I already knew all the shocking parts.

You've been warned.

I mean just because it's not "X-Files" scary doesn't mean it's not good. And I love this kind of show best because it makes you think so much. A very good thriller fo' sho'.

Just be prepared to cry if you cry easily like I do.

Ok Bye

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