Monday, September 26, 2016

Once I was 10 Years Old

A post from a 10 year old Alicia...


Dear J,
     I had to eat school pizza today. It Tastes really bad! Lindsey is a big badby! She hates me! I wish she was 4! I love Jacques C! I think he likes me too. I'll find out when I'm 14. Pokemon, I don't like it. Everyone asks me if I have them I do but sucky ones. I wish I never get yelled at and that Lindsey always has to clean the room!


I changed the name of the boy to Jacques Cousteau to spare the comments from my family. Also as a nod to Friends which I have been watching lately.

You're welcome.

Notice the misspelling then correction of baby. Classic Alicia.

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Helen R said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Love it.