Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Oh Remember Remember"

So today for my Teachings of the Living Prophets class I had to read up on President Eyring. I also had to read some of his talks. The 2 from the last conference issue of the Ensign and one other one from i don't know when. My favorite one was his Remember Remember talk.,5232,23-1-775-24,00.html That is the link to read it. It's so good. It made me think about how so often I complain and stuff like that. And it made me feel guilty because I definately fell behind in journal writing. But I'd just like to share some ways that my life has been blessed today.
  • I made it to class in time to get help.
  • I didn't slip and fall on my way to school.
  • I got all my homework done.
  • I was able to study for a test that I had to take
  • I got a 96% on the test
  • I went to the gym with Tom
  • I ran and it wasn't that bad until Tom decided to run next to me and I got nervous and stopped
  • After I stopped running I tried this neat machine it was fun
  • they had the exercise balls there so I got to bounce on it
  • One of my favorite songs came on
  • My roommates hadn't locked me out because I forgot my key
  • I got all my chores done intime for cleaning check and we passed

so that is enough for now I got to go shower because I stink

But I just want to say I know that the Lord loves us and watches over and protects us and blesses us. And even if we get wounded or hurt (physicall, mentally, spiritually) he is always there to love and protect us. He is always there to guide us if we just ask for his help.


Lil Renny said...

You're a good girl

Aaron said...

You do stink.