Sunday, February 17, 2008

So I like to color...

Tom is really good at art like drawing and painting and stuff like that. It makes me jealous. We went and saw PS I Love You. Such a good movie everyone should go see it. It's so good. anyways the girl in the movie reminded people of me because she has this affinity for shoes, as do I. and another notable thing is in the movie she watches this Bette Davis Movie that I absolutely love. It's so good. No I have no idea what it's called but i think why I like it is that she is the old ugly lady who goes away and finds herself and she becomes beautiful. And very stylish all thanks to the guy of her dreams. Any ways I guess the point is I saw that movie and it made me feel like doing an art project but I don't draw very well. But who cares right. So I went to Reams and I got paper like construction paper and crayons and pens and two nights ago I made a card to send to Amy. It was very elementary school. It was funny because I was telling Tom how I couldn't draw as I was drawing a tree and he goes "What are you takling about? That's a great tree." so just to be funny I was like "that's not a tree" and then I laughed and was like "just kidding thank you." and he goes "I thought of that actually right after I said it I was thinking 'Please let that be a tree'" It was hilarious. He said the picture was nice except for the birds because I just did that curvy line thing for my birds and he was like "you're an adult now you need to draw adult birds." It made me laugh. Then this morning I drew a more defined bird. Still elementary but you could tell it was a bird. I showed it to him it was funny. Mostly I like to color flowers.
Tonight I helped Tom clean his kitchen because it was disgusting. Just sick the 2nd dirtiest apartment in Wyview before we started. Michael's is the dirtiest. Boys can be such slobs you know it just made me sick. Tom pulled this pizza box out of the fridge that had been in there for like 2 weeks. Disgusting and then he pulled out these tupperware containers that had food in them from like the 2nd month of school. So they were extremely moldy and he said the one even stung him. It was disgusting. I refused to help him clean those. so he just threw the containers away. Mostly the table was dirty because his roommate Joe moved into the livingroom to sleep so he has a lot of stuff out there. He moved out there because his roommate Jeremy is a jerk, a huge one. But I told Tom it was ridiculous because everyone should be able to use the table they are all paying for it. I told him to tell Joe to put his stuff on his bed since he doesn't sleep there. but whatever. i love Joe though on of the nicest kids ever
Anyways I've just been rambling on here mostly so I think I'd better go because I have church tomorrow and I have to make the program.

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