Saturday, February 16, 2008

What is Love Baby don't hurt me don't hurt me no more

I just felt like putting that as the title I don't think it really has anything to do with what I'm going to post. But you could try and connect it in a way if you want. But that might annoy me so you probably keep it to yourself if you do.

So on other blogs lately there has been a lot of talk about immigration, but I'm not going to takl about that. It just made me think of how choices can be hard to make. Especially for me, if I can get soomeone else to make a choice for me I will because little things I don't really care to make choices about like what I will eat or when to do something or what to do. I do make choices on important things though, like chastity and stuff like that. Don't worry I've done nothing unchaste but I thought i should say that in case you thought I was going down the wrong pat with my indesiciveness (?). Cuz I'm not.

No what I really wanted to say was that on a political spectrum I am an independent. I have opinions that go both ways on certain issues or I have no opinion because I don't know enough facts about it.

Recently I heard 2 people talk about abortion. It was interesting. I heard both sides the right and the left. I understood where each was coming from and they both had very valid points. The most interesting thing about this conversation is that both people didn't like abortion they didn't agree with using it at all. But one (the righty) wanted to outlaw abortion and one didn't (the leftist). The person on the right said that too many people use abortion as an escape. They get pregnant decide they don't want the baby because it will be a hassle and get an abortion. I agree that this is wrong. Clearly wrong. People need to take responsibility for their actions. Putting the baby up for adoption is a good way to not be selfish and make sure the baby is cared for.

Recently I saw the movie Juno about a pregnant teenager. She figures she'll just get an abortion, but when she gets there she learns the baby growing inside her has fingernails. That the baby is a real peson a real human being. It's a good movie but I wouldn't recomend it to you guys. I regret seeing it. but the premise is good.

So the person on the left said that they too didn't like abortion but said everyone has their agency to choose what they want to do. A valid point. It is a choice. He explained why it's pro-choice and not anti-life. because he isn't anti-life he is for people choosing what they want to do.

After hearing this conversation I was thourghly confused with my opinion and I decided I would just pray about it.

But I guess the point I'm making is I'm tired and I'm just rambling about something other than what I really wanted to talk about because that's what I do. Because I did have something that had to do with my life and the title of this post very clearly that just happened tonight. But I decided I didn't want to talk about it any more and so I changed my mind. don't worry I'm fine and everything is all good.

So when I said earlier "No what I really wanted to say was..." that's not what I really wanted to say I just did because I don't want to post what I was really wanting to say. I'm not a good conversationalist though. and that will urt me in the end I think. I'm scared to voice my opinion because I don't want people to get angry and I don't want to hurt people's feelings. It's strange.

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