Thursday, June 26, 2008

India Jones

I'm going to be an archaeologist I decided. I was a bit nervous about this decision because that meant traveling lots and being away from my family (when I'm married and stuff) But then I realized that I could also work in a museum. So I would still like to travel though and dig and stuff. But how did I come to this decision you are asking. It's so different from the Electrical Engineering course I was pursuing when I first came here. So here's the story:

I was worrying about school this coming fall and life in general. I decided my inability to choose a career stems from when I was younger and people telling me I could be whatever I want. Ok it's true, I can, but anyone who knows me my biggest hugest flaw is making choices. Not the moral ones, but everything else I'm indefferent about. When I say I don't care I really don't. If you put three flavors of ice cream in front of me and tell me I can have only one, they will be all melted before I make my choice. So I have all these career choices to make. What whould I do? Engineering, teaching, archaeology, business woman, etc. I even considered english for a very brief momnet in time. So that is how you know how confused I was about it all. So I decided to go down the list of majors BYU has and pick one. Because apparently you have to have one declared by the end of your sophomore year which is this coming december.

So anyways I sit down to look at them all and Tom calls so I made him help me. We're going down the list I read him a major and he tells me yes or no. But then I see something interesting Anthropology: Archaelogical emphasis I didn't even know BYU had that. That seemed so interesting to me. I said I could be the next Indiana Jones but Tom and Jenessa said I would have to be the girl version (India). I continued down the list but I kept that one in my mind. When I got to history Tom said yes "Why?" I asked "Because you love history." Well that's true I do love history but I love science too.
the hotness of Harrison Ford-------->

And I had this thought what is archaeology exactly? It's the study of ancient cultures isn't it? That's history right (ancient cultures) and it's science too because there is lab work and hypothesising and those things. SO I decided archaeology would be combining things I love plus I get to dig in the dirt!!

I don't know I think it would be a wicked sweet awesome job. And I would have the best career on my kids career day at their school unless the kid with the astronaut for a dad is in my kids class...

Even if I don't really ever make it into the field (which cross your fingers that doesn't happen) I get to learn all this cool stuff about archaeology and I could do it as a hobby. Plus I just get to learn which I love, I just hate the homework. Or I could also take some paleontology classes and go into that. Because they are related a bit but not the same They work together but they study different things. So Anyways be happy I've decided.


Renny said...

Tom! Tom! TOM!! WHAT ever.

Renny said...

PS, that rage is because I totally told you to do archeology and be the next Indiana Jones first. tom

Bubbles The Duck said...

weesha I'm so happy for you. i'm kinda jealous now actually. and i'm gonna start calling you india for real.

Docface/Wilbur said...

im happy youve decided, and im not even mom. i think when i grow up, im either gonna be a web designer, artist, author, or something like that.

Renny said...

blobby greaseball