Monday, June 16, 2008

Snail On a Turtle riding Molasses in January

Here is how my day started: The first thing I remember is wondering how I got my phone in my hand or why I woke up. I looked in my phone and I had gotten a pix message with no picture. But that didn't wake me because I got it at 2 in the morning which means it had to be from Tom. Then my alarm went off and I looked and it was my 4:30 alarm which meant I had grabbed my phone in my sleep to turn off my first alarm. That is why I have more than one alarm.
Anyways when I got to work everything started out normal. I was sleepy and didn't wan to work but I do anyways and I work fast. So does Jenessa. And we use our brains too. The other girl we work with is slower than molasses in January and isn't really awake when she gets there I guess because she got the inside door wedged shut with the vacuum cord. It was really a funny situation. I walked out of the custodial closet and she was standing at the elevator and she goes "Why won't the elevator door open?" I was thinking that she just hadn't waited longenough for it to come up from the 1st floor and replied "I don't know that's weird" And went off to do another job. Then I hear a commotion a bit later, also I was looking for Jenessa because she had the full details on the job I was doing. I go over and find Jenessa and the girl standing at the elevator. Jenessa had opened the outside door of the elevator but the inside one wouldn't open. So I came to look at it. Yep the cord had wedged the door shut. The girl starts saying how she didn't understand how it could happen. And I was losing my patience with her (which I don't have much of) she said she put the vacuum in the elevator and then went to plug it in. Well there's your problem I thought. I just said "You plug it in first and then you hold the door open button to vacuum" "Oh" that's all she said. I think my tone surprised her because usually if I do talk to her it's nice but I usually don't. Jenessa went to go get Pam. Pam said it's happened before, but those times the elevator went down and ripped the cord out of the vacuum which is the worst case scenario. She said to shut the door and she'd call the people to come and fix it. And then guess what happened. Yep worst case scenario. It happened. The elevator went down and you heard this noise that must have been the vacuum lifting off the ground and then a crash. Pam ran downstairs to check on it. She rode the elevator back up and got stuck in it. obviously but she was able to kick the door loose and got out. I'm glad because I love Pam.
Honestly that girl is slower than the title of this post.


Anonymous said...

No bad language allowed on this blog!

Renny said...

you can delete the comment

alirara said...

haha now whoever anonymous is looks crazy

Chelsea said...

I have this image now of Pam being all super-woman or something - kicking the elevator door open. Sweet.

Docface/Wilbur said...

heh lololol

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