Sunday, October 12, 2008


SO I am sick I laid in bed all day with a splitting headache and wishing someone would come with a needle to pop the baloon that I feel is ever expanding inside my head. I think I got sick from the Football game. It was the HOmecoming game so I had to go. We won 21-3 so it was a good game. But I wasn't very into it because I could feel the cold coming honestly I was passively watching it.
After the game I went with Jenessa, her bf Dustin, his sister DeAnne(?), her bf Bowen, and Tom to Los Hermanos (?) some Mexican food place on Center street. It was good but definately not real mexican. Since it was the day after my birthday Dustin snuck off and told the waiter it was my birthday. That was nice. They came and sang and screamed like mexicans and gave me fried ice cream. It had whipped cream and a cherry ontop. I don't like cherries so I asked who wanted it and Tom said he did but then he was like no never mind I don't like cherries. He had never had one before so he had licked it and decided he didn't. and it was funny. Then I made him try the whipped cream to tell me if it was cool whip or real whipped cream. He didn't know so I had to try it and it was cool whip so I liked that and I ate it. Then I let everyone try the ice cream except Jenessa because she would die. At first Tom didn't want to but I made him. and he liked it. It was because there was coconut on the outside fried to the icecream. And he didn't know if he liked ice cream. He decided he did. So I let him eat the most because I don't like coconut. He said he was trying to eat the coconut for me so I thought that was sweet of him. I ate more of the icecream though. It was a good night.
Then we went back to Dustin's where we played catch phrase. Boys against girls. I think the girls dominated or it was a tie I can't remember because I was really tired.
Then I went home.
Before the game I went to the bookstore and bought my self a birthday present. A shirt and undershirt I thought I deserved it.
And on the way to the game I ran into my friend Jared who I met in my summer ward. So that was good.
It was a good weekend minus today because when you are sick you seem to think of all the worst possible things. But I still don't feel better so I called work and left a message saying I might not come in and we'll see. Which is unfortunate because I don't like missing work. It makes me feel like a loser all day.
Um anyways I did create some questions about my life this weekend too especially Sat. So it was good. Nothing that can't be answered or too trivial. Some have depressing answers or complicated ones. But whatev you know. it's ok. I learned some things about myself too. Or just reaffirmed the things I already knew, I suppose so I'll have to figure out what to do about that. SO anyways I need to go back to studying.

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