Monday, October 13, 2008

Something Interesting

So here is somethign fun to do that wastes time also when you're sick.

Go to and look up an actor or actress you think you've seen a lot of movies that they've been in. You may be surprised by your results. When I originally did this I thought I had seen more of Will Smiths movies than anyone. But I've only seen 7 of his. He hasn't made that many though so it might be interesting to do it by percentage also.

The highest I got was Adam Sandler with 14 of his movies. weird I know. I got 10 Johnny depp movies and Jim Carey was up there too, which I found weird considering my mom doesn't like him.

I decided though that probably I've seen John Wayne more than anyone because my dad would always watch westerns on Sat mornings, I just don't know all the names of those movies same with James Stewart and maybe Clint Eastwood too.

I bet Tyler will get Sean Connery with the most movies because of James Bond and a lot of Sean's other movies like Darby O'Gill and the Little People and Indiana Jones.

My least that we checked was Will Ferrall with 3. It's weird because I thought I'd seen a lot of his.

Even if you've only seen a movie once you've still seen it so it counts. I think that's why Adam Sandler had so many. Coneheads was one of his movies I don't remember that movie hardly at all just that I saw it on tv or something like that a gazillion years ago.

I thought it was interesting.


Renny said...

So I decided to copy cat you to see how we matched up.
Will Smith: 8
Johnny Depp:11
Jim Carrey: 7
Will Ferrell: 7
I also did Julie Andrews: 8
Cary Elwes: 8
Gene Wilder: 6
I can't think of anyone else to wonder about. Actually I just thought of someone but while I was typing this I forgot it again... ooh, Dustin Hoffman!! I just checked, he wins with 12. Man I love him. Maybe I should go check Robert Redford as well. I have no sense of how to stop this game. What have you done to me?

Renny said...

I decided to look up Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant as well. And then I thought of Jimmy Stewart. This is how they turned out (I should do a whole list of older actors on my blog.)
Audrey: 12
Cary: 14
Jimmy: 20 (we have a winner!)
Others I should just post on my blog at some point. Katherine Hepburn, Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Erroll Flynn, Spencer Tracey, Jean Harlow, June Allyson, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Olivia de Havilland. Maybe I should do some newer ones too like Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Christian Bale, and the Douglas family.

madii said...

ahh! look at what you've done to lindsey! shes addicted!
i should've read your blog earlier because i was sick too! what a way to spend fall break, right?