Tuesday, November 11, 2008


School is going well

I got a 97% on a test the other day...well the multiple choice part I don't know about the essay portion.

I think I have all a's or b's except in stupid anthropology because my stupid ta I probably have a c but I can rewrite the paper. So that's good but I have another one due next week and I can't get through the book it's so boring. Also I have no idea what I'm supposed to write about and the ta isn't very helpful as she couldn't even figure out how to write a thesis for the next paper.

I have to write a paper for my living with plants class too but I don't know what the results of our experiment mean exactly because they were very messed up. Extremely so I don't know how I'm supposed to write a paper on a flawed experiment...whatev if the TA is grading it he probably won't even read it like our tree keys...

Astronomy, the only class I'm in for my major right now, is fun I really enjoy it. ANd it's way easy. I"m going to make a movie for an extra credit project about a star named Lucky and go through the life of a star and have the background music be Lucky by Britney Spears. I think it will be grand and I'll post it here.

Family History is way easy except the tests because you have no idea what youre supposed to focus on when you're studying for them. Hes like all the lessons, the chapters from the book, the extra readings, the assignments, the workshops. And when you ask him for what to focus on from the chapters he won't tell you because he doesn't want to give anyone an unfair advantage but it's like this is a 2 credit class we shouldn't be spending 5 hours a day studying for it.

Student development is easy except we have a group project coming up and I'm nervous about that I still don't know anyone in that class and I hate group projects

I think I should work in a morgue because then it doesn't matter if the people around me get my sense of humor they're dead.

Oh yeah no one ever gets it. So then people just think I'm weird. I have a really dry like desert kind of sense of humor and people always think I'm being serious and they give me these looks and are like "Oh that's cool." so I've stopped correcting them and saying "Oh I'm just joking." Because I do I really want to have to warm people up to me, if they are too weird not to think I'm funny they can talk about me after I leave the room with everyone else who didn't. Mean while the lone person who is laughing at my comments will relize how amazing I am and persue friendship. It always helps if I have someone there who gets it when I meet new people cuz then they'll laugh and sooner or later everyone will catch on.

I'm ok with people who only part get my humor though.

I mean very few people could laugh at all my jokes,

There are people thought that just don't get it at all and get all offended all the time and I won't list them but they should learn I'm just joking. A lot of the time there will be a group of people and someone will say sorry for something that really they didn't do anything wrong and I'll be like "Wow now we all hate you." Obviously a joke but some people don't get it and they all give me these looks like "wow you're a jerk" and tell the person "I don't hate you don't worry" sincerely.

I'm like seriously so then I have to be all like "I was just kidding you know" and usually they are laughing at what I said and are like "I know"


I don't know how this changed from school to my sense of humor but there ye be


Docface/Wilbur said...

Madalynn can totally get your sense of humor already. She is there. But, remember, sometimes it is better to curb your tongue according to who you are with. If you just always say whatever comes to mind without thinking, you can give offense. And, thinking that it is okay to give offense because you didn't mean to and people shouldn't be so thin skinned is prideful. I love your sense of humor, but just make sure that everyone you are with feels included and not like you are making fun of them instead of having fun with them. There is a fine line. Trust me, being in a family with a bunch of people who all take after your dad's sense of humor, I know how it feels to feel like the brunt of all jokes. :)

Miss Jarvis said...

I WUV MY WEESHA. I'm so glad I made your list of understanding your humor. FYI you'd be on mine. I miss you. let's live together again soon.

Renny said...

Whatev J money. I know who your new roomie is gonna be and he isn't Alicia...
Mom, you aren't the brunt of all of our jokes. Wow, self absorbed. Its not all about you.

Docface/Wilbur said...

Yes I am! :) My only claim to fame!

Miss Jarvis said...

Haha good one, linds.