Monday, November 17, 2008


So remember when you were in grade school and on the hundreth day you would have to bring 100 of something to count? Well I do. This is my 100th post I just realized. And actually it's just the 100th that's going up and staying up. Because I shall admit that I have psted things let them stay up for a couple hours and then taken them down again.

Anyways Wow. I don't even know where to begin or what to talk about or anything. It's all too much for me.

I'm not going to be in school next semester. I have to get a job and probably work more than full time so that I can earn tuition for another year. Hopefully if everything goes well this year I'll get a scholorship sometime in the future and financial aid.

I wanted to move because the rent here is too high for me really. I work to earn rent pretty much rent and food. But everything else is just as high except Wyview which I would live in but you have to have at least 9 credits, which is almost $2000 so why wouldn't I just go to school full time if I was going to do that. Wyview is also in a better location for working too. It's closer to the mall, restaurants, hotels and other such places where as where i live right now it's at least a 15 min bike ride. And When it's snowy out I'm not riding my bike.

I'm not riding my bike right now anyways because its crap and almost got me killed the other night.

So I was riding back from Tom's Hap Birt Party Sat night. It was around 11:30pm so there was a decent amount of cars on the road but not very heavy traffic. I was riding on the sidewalk because that's how I roll, deal with it. Anyways I was coming to an intersection and then the flashing hand stopped flashing so I applied the brakes...or I tried to my brakes didn't take and I rolled out into the street. You know how when something scary happens you lose all your common sense? Happens to me all the time, not that I have much to begin with. Anyways so instead of getting off my bike and going back to the sidewalk (as I wasn't too far int the road) I tried to turn on my bike which puts me in the middle of the intersection where three cars came wizzing by honking their horns and making ugly faces. Like I don't know I'm in deep right now thank you. Actually at the time it was scary but the one girl who drove by gave me this face from this f-minus comic and it made me laugh so hard. It's the one from yesterday where the little girl wants the doll. When you think about it it was quite funny. Well I'm safe now anyways.

Tom let me wear his coat home because it had longer sleeves and it was freezing outside. When he and Ethan walked me to my bike they were both like "There's frost on your seat" And then Tom wiped it off. Ethan offered to sit on it so it wouldn't be cold when I sat on it. They are nice fellows. Perhaps I should have let him sit on it because when I did I was like "AH That's cold" As I was riding away Tom was like "Please be safe I'm calling Kelin to get your bike fixed" I think I shall let him call Kelin now. Tom hates it when I ride my bike because since I crashed it twice this summer it's quite broken. If my basket isn't on the handle bars won't stay up and they move when the basket is on at the slightest touch. Sometimes while I'm riding my chain falls off. Other times my brakes don't work. But It's an adaventure. What can I say I'm a thrill-seeker that's what I do, seek thrills.

Kelin is Tom's friend who offered to fix my bike for me. Also my friend Robbie from my ward said he would fix it for me also. I will make brownies for whoever does it so perhaps that will get them to do it.

So On Sunday I had to give the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting and I was really nervous. So I was standing there saying my prayer and I almost fell over. I know I'm the only person who could trip while standing in one place. But everyone's eye's were closed so I think I'm good. Except then I was trying no tto laugh since I was so embarrased almost falling over and my roommate Kelsey said she looked up at me and I was grinning really big. Oh well.

After church my old FHE dad invited us to his house in Alpine for dinner. Only Kelsey and I went (which is a story I'd have to tell you in person depending on who you are) and it was fun. His house is hugenormous, and beautiful. His family is really nice. It was like his whole extended family too and there were cute little babies and toddlers. Also some other people from our ward were there. We had ribs, mashed potatoes, sweet potaotes, salad, and coeslaw. I also had orange cream soda twas quite an amazing meal. And for desert there was apple pie with ice cream.

But Kelsey and I had to leave early because we were throwing Natalie a surprise Party at another guys house in our ward. So we left around 7 and Robbie took us. We had to stop by Tom's apt so i could give him his coat back and pick up my baking supplies that I had left there from making the cakes for his party. He couldn't talk. It was sad.

The party was a success there were boys and girls and surprises and cake. So it was good. I talked a lot. More than I ever have before and I pretty much think it was because I was tired. I was definately just blathering to these two boys for like 2 hours. And it was nothing like word vomit just whatever I felt like saying. I mean nothing bad really just weird random stories I'm sure they didn't even care about. And they were probably thinking why doesn't she just shut up and I tried but they didn't say anything or if they did it would fizzle and I would start talking again. It was, in Ethan's words, no good.

In the dating scene I have been on two dates in the past couple weeks, which if you know me you know that's something. And they were with the same person and he wants to do something again this week. Yeah ask me about those and the situation in person because this post is getting long.

In other news, I wish hearts were like livers. Livers are great because they regenerate themselves but hearts don't when you get your heart broken it's just crumbled and it takes a long time to put it back together and I'm sure there's always that one piece ou'll never find. Kelli broke my heart yesterday when whe told me Santa wasn't real.


Renny said...

Why don't we ever hang out?

alirara said...

why didn't you go to Tom's party?

Renny said...

Because I had tickets to Divine Comedy. And I would have felt awkward at Tom's party.

Docface/Wilbur said...

Santa is real. Kelli must have been naughty and not gotten anything to think he isn't real.

Anonymous said...

Well too bad there were really hot guys there and you missed them

Renny said...

Tell Jnss I said lying is naughty.