Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Neptune                                              Saturn                                       Earth
Jupiter                                                  The Sun                              The whole solar system
So I had an extra credit project we could do anything.  I chose to make Christmas ornaments of the solarsystem.  So I did the sun and the 8 classical planets.  I had this clay I had made before so I took it and made the shapes (Circles)  I dyed some of the clay yellow for some of the planets and the sun.  Then I needed to paint them, but I didn't have any paint or money so I used food dye and nail polish.  It worked quite well. I just smeared the dye on top of the clay instead of working it in.  For jupiter I mixed red polish with yellow food dye for some of the stripes.  I was totally out of red food dye for mars so I used nail polish.  Lucky for me I have 2 colors of red polish and was able to do details.  My favorite is Neptune.  My least favorite is Mercury.  My favorite in real life is Jupiter just to clarify.  


Docface/Wilbur said...

You are so creative!

Renny said...

Nice planets. When do you want to watch the Muppets? Maybe we should get it on DVD this year since the tape doesn't work.

alirara said...

We should force it to work

madii (your favorite sister ;D) said...

forcing it to work will definately make it happen alicia
neptune is my favorite too! i can barely see mercury, so i don't know if i agree there. and my favorite is saturrn in real life. just to clarify ;D