Monday, January 5, 2009

And We're Off...

Well school started again. I only have 4 classes exactly 12 credits so it shouldn't be too hard Just a lot of work. I have work heavy classes I an tell. Mostly reading. Well and Math that should have like homework everyday so you know...

I'm off to a good start though. I got 100% on a quiz I took today and I've already read the first chapter of my Geology of the Planets book and notes and I'm almost done with American Heritage. The snag in my progress is I don't have money to buy the books I need for math class and American Heritage.

Ethan gave me his old AH main book. But there are two more I need and no one has those but the book store. And math I think I can use the textbook from the library but there's also a packet included with it so we'll see if I need that. My Geology of the Planets book is online so that's awesome. And New Testament I just need the New Testament. Which I have and then some.

I went upstairs in the bookstore just to scope out the books and I got a free notebook. A 4 subject notebook. So that was awesome, especially since I only have four classes.

It's snowing today which I don't like. GRR.

Break was good because I took a break from everything and was like I'm not gonna worry about anything at all. So I didn't. Not even about my cavities, of which I had 6. Not even when the dentist said he was going to do one with out anesthesia. I was just like whatever.

I thought I just saw Mr. Huffine, but it wasn't him weird.

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