Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looky what I made...

So my roommate Kelli has the two cameras.  They are really cool.  One is a fisheye camera, the pictures when developed look like they would if a fish saw the stuff, if that was explained well.  um yeah anyways the other one takes 4 shots on the same picture so when developed it's divided into 4.  So I got jealous of Kelli and her cameras and I wanted my own cool camera.  So I got onto Amazon to look for some cool cheap cameras.  I came across one you had to assemble yourself out of cardboard and it was a pinhole camera.  It was also $24.  Yeah I was like how lame.  I have instructions on how to make a pinhole camera in that build it with boxes book I had as a child.  No way was I going to pay $24 for something I could make with a box and film.  
But I then decided I was going to make one, a pinhole camera that is.  So I scoured the internet for instructions on how to make one.  I found many good instructions but they all called for paper film which would require me developing it on my own.  I'm not so into the buying all the things necessary for developing, all though I did find instructions on how to do that too and it seems simple enough.  But It seems cheaper to take a roll of film to the store and have them developed.  In fact it is.  
So I then found the perfect instructions.  For a matchbox pinhole camera. that's the website if you want to go there.
It's awesome.  So all I had to buy was film and tape.  Today I made my camera because I finished all my work for the week.  Yes I know I'm amazing.  anyways... the end result is a bit on the ugly side so I covered my cam in scrapbook paper to make it uber cute.  
The first picture I took with it was of a potato with my awesome necklace.  
I know Potato?! but remember that story in the Wayside book about the kid who could get a tatoo and all the kids were telling him to get all these really cool things and he came back the next day with a tatoo of a potato on his ankle.  Oh LOL I love that story so that's why the potato.
Plus if the picture doesn't really come out it's not a big loss.  
Plus here is my amazing roommate playing her ukulele singing the song she wrote.  yes she's quite creative.

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Renny said...

Haha, I do remember that story. Potato tattoo.
You are uber cute. And PS, can I borrow your sewing machine? I've decided to make a dress.