Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh What a Day is Today...

Yesterday when I was walking home from work I looked up and made a wish on a star.  I thouhgt it was a legit wish...but when I got home my anti-wish happened.  What a drag.  Not really I just wish I was 10 again that was a good age.  Sure I was a fat little girl but I didn't have all these different stressors in my life.  But I guess that's the point of getting old

In other news my legs are really smooth.  And all my scrapbooking stuff is here with me in Provo so I am excited to start scrapbooking my pictures and things.  I love Scrapbooking.

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Ruth said...

Me too! But I left all my scrapbooking stuff in Michigan thinking I was going to work on it and not wanting to drag it all home now I have to wait. Your book looks nice!