Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Charity Never Faileth

While thinking about what I wanted to do for my Philosophy of Service project I thought I had to first decide what my philosophy was.  I concluded that it was all about love.  From selfless love to selfish love, service is all about love in the end.  Yes I agree that there are many components to service that must be included to make the experience successful but I believe that if love (of the people being served and of God) is the motivator behind the service then the service will have success.

But then came the hard part of putting my philosophy into a project.  I've read the description of the assignment about a million times in the syllabus and I'm still hesitant about what to do.  
But this is what I came up with...

I want to make a book of quotations and stories about how love relates to service.  I guess almost like the Chicken Soup books.  I think I would make it more like a scrapbook kind of thing though, with pictures.  In class to present it I would show it to the class and maybe talk about my philosophy, maybe read a story or quotes.  
I guess my idea of how it ties together is that I think that sometimes for myself I get too caught up in the world and myself, or I don't know how to help my friends when they are going through something difficult.  And I think that the book will help me remember that service is a way to show my love and lend support to my fellow man.  
I not only want to include the stories and quotes that everyone has heard but I'd like to interview people that I know personally and include their stories and thoughts on service. Because as I was thinking of the individuals who have helped influence my thoughts and insights, I thought it would be nice to have their ideas in the book too since they were such a big influence.  
I'll call it "It's All About Love"  or maybe something more clever than that...we'll see

I hope that works.  I'm still a bit hesitant as I said but I think this will be a fun way to explore my philosophy on service.  Thanks so much for all you do I love the class!

~Alicia M. Reynolds

What you have just read is a project proposal for my Learning Through Service class.  And I'd like you to help me.  There are no guidelines for the project really so here's what I'd like from you please.  Could you write stories, your thoughts or quotes on serving with love.  I'd like to focus more on the good end of serving to show your love for others and for God and showing God's love for others.  

 Here's my first reflection paper for the class.  I think it kind of shows my thoughts for the project I think and my philosophy on service.  I'll try to shorten it and just put in the most relevant thoughts.

"...What are my reasons for serving?  Am I aiming for earthly goals or am I doing it because I feel charity for my fellow man? of the greatest products of service; sharing God’s love. That is something I know many people, including myself, in the world struggle with.  So many people just feel lost and alone here in this earthly life.  Service is a way of showing people that they are cared for and loved.  Now when I serve I try to think of the people I am helping.  I think of how I can share God’s love for his children not just with words but with action."  

See I shortened that greatly for you.  mostly because there was an embarrasing story about my selfishness in there but you can see what I'm getting at here.   The best part you're serving me by helping me out! 


Renny said...

Stories of serving with love? Let's see, sometimes, as you well know, I get really frustrated with my job because of the politics and selfishness I see going on and I want to quit, or at least call in sick. Then, something happens, like I go to the clinic and I see our front office receptionist, who is in need of the services offered at the clinic sitting there and helping out others in her community, or I meet with the new executive director who tells me he wants to help me make things run more smoothly, or one of my interpreters comes up to me and tells me he wants to become the program director for the clinic at BYU's Center for Service and Learning and help recruit volunteers and train them, and I see that there is something to everything I'm doing. I see that "when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all." I remember why I felt so good about taking this job in the first place and the millions of things I have learned from the other people I work with either at United Way or at the Volunteer Care Clinic. One time service is nice and has its place, but a long term commitment to truly impacting your community for the better is the most humbling and rewarding experience ever.

Docface/Wilbur said...

You have gotten a lot of good comments about service. I didn't want to be repetitive or redundant, so I gave this some thought before answering. I have decided to tell you about a time that someone did an act of service for me that really touched me and has always stayed with me.

I was a young mother with 4 children. My husband was working the graveyard shift. I was the Young Women's President in a ward that was very needy with a lot of disfunctional families. I had been in this position for 4 years, through the birth of 3 of my children. One Sunday, I felt very overwhelmed. There was laundry that had not been done stacked up at home and I felt tired and stressed out. I asked my counselors if they could handle Young Women's that day and if I could just go to Relief Society because I needed to feel a little peace. It was fast Sunday, so at the end of the meeting we had testimonies. I stood up and bore my testimony and told the sisters that I had been feeling overwhelmed and it was so good to be itn there to feel of the sister's spirits and to hear the lesson and the testimonies. They had really bouyed me up. The next afternoon, as I was doing housework and laundry, a knock came at my door and it was sweet sister in the ward bringing me dinner for our family. I was surprised and a little embarressed, but she was so genuinly caring that I expressed my love and appreciation for her and really felt blessed. She was an older sister whose children were grown, yet she understood where I was at that time in my life. Her service to me was totally motivated from love and friendship. No one had asked her or assigned her to do it, she had just heard more than I had said in my testimony the day before and wanted to do something for me. Because of her example to me, I have always wanted to do something that totally selfless for someone else. I have tried, but I don't know that I have ever yet succeeded to give such perfect service to anyone as hers was for me that day. The sad thing is, I can't remember her name now, but I can see her sweet face. She moved away a little bit after that time, but someday I will see her again and be able to tell her what an impact she made on me. Sometimes our service may seem small to us, but we may not know until the eternities how much a little thing really meant to someone else.

kelzone said...

So i know this is totally cliche and not like your simple acts of everyday service that i think are so important, but i really felt so much love doing this project-
Once upon a time i was in charge of service projects at my high school...the most significant (in my life) of these was the neighborhood house project...neighborhood house is an after school program for kids whose family are struggling to get back on their feet after some sort of financial crisis and both parents have to is a free day care type program to keep the kids from getting in trouble and help them with homework...anyway, these families do not have much money to spare...the students at my school were very generous and provided christmas for all 180 kids...each child recieved a coat, shoes, toys, and sometimes more clothes...what amazed me most in doing this project was the love all these punk 15-18 year olds that made up my high school were able to show to these children they did not even know and would most likely never takes a lot of love to serve someone, but i think it takes a new level of love to serve someone you've never met, probably never will, and who will probably never get to thank you for what you've done for them (or even realize it was you in this case, seeing as "santa" and his "elves" were the people delivering these gifts)...i was responsible for making sure every child recieved gifts that day, and in doing so was able to deliver them as well...i did get to see the excitement on their faces and really reap all the turn i gained a much greater respect and felt more unity caused by love amongst the student body.