Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Steel Chokers

Lately it seems like everytime I go to read the news another person has been decapitated.  It's really sad.  The most recent one I read was about this man,23, who was at his home celebrating his little sisters birthday, she was turning 5, when he flipped stabbed his 17 yr old sister to death went on to behead his 5 year old sister and then turned to his 13 year old sister to stab her but she lived because the cops came and shot and killed the man.  I seriously cried for like 5 minutes.  

There was also the tv executive who decapitated his wife and the crazy guy on the greyhound bus, who not only decapitated the passenger next to him but started eating his body.  Also there was a guy in Germany I think it was who cut off 8 people's heads.  It's sick. Seriously, what is wrong with people today?

First of all where do people get off thinking they have the right to go around killing people?  That's so not cool.  

And why do it through beheadings?  That is just so greusome. 

Seriously I know this isn't a happy post but it's not on my happy blog either.  But I'm like scared to walk around outside now for fear that someone will just jump out of the bushes and cut my head off.  I feel like I should constantly be wearing a steel choker to prevent the situation.  


Docface/Wilbur said...

Sometimes it does help to post things like that to help get them off of your mind.

Renny said...

I read that story about the boy and his sister, and it almost made me throw up. Then you posted about it. I almost threw up again. The world is getting so sad, and you know what, I was thinking a lot recently about how the gospel is for everyone, and its interesting how that includes people that are born with mental instabilities that would lead them to do things like this. There are so many things about that that are hard to understand. So sad but at least that little girl is in a better place now. Just try to focus on that, that's what kept me from vomiting both times.