Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So Update

So cute funny story about exactly a month and two days ago I was at Jenna's apt.  Melissa was there.  I was trying on Jenna's clothes and after I had put together this really cute outfit we opened the blinds.  Jenna lives on the ground floor with a great view of the driveway to her complex's parking lot.  So often we see people walk by or drive by and I love to bug them as Jenna laughs and tells me to stop.  So these two guys walk by and Jenna said they were in her ward.   So naturally I banged on the window.  We began talking to them through Jenna's window.  And I thought to myself "Wow that one guy is really really ridiculously good looking."  And then the boys decided to come inside and talk to us.  
The RRRGLGuy said he had just gotten a new truck and he wanted to show it off so he went to get his keys and then he ended up driving Melissa back to her cousin's house because they were unable to come get her.  It was quite nice of him.  Then we were at Jenna's again and right after they left Jenna looked at me and said "Do you want me to set you up with him?  You guys were flirting hardcore!"  and some laughing and, weird for us, giggling occured and then I gave Jenna her clothes back and left.
So then later RRRGLGuy adds me as a friend on facebook, gets my number, and then we have a date set up for that Friday.  He totally skipped going through Jenna.  Anyways we went on many many dates in this month including to General Conference, and a weekend in Boise.  
And now it's official, he is my boyfriend.  On his birthday too.


Docface/Wilbur said...

Congrats! And Happy Birthday to Bernt!

Renny said...

I recently found out that overall I am a terrifying individual. I should really work on that. But I worried that maybe B money thought I didn't like him on Sunday. But I did. You may tell him I approve of him. Oh, and tell him Happy Birthday.