Friday, May 1, 2009

At Home

I enjoy coming home to AZ it's great. And the trip always seems to come at the best time when I just need to escape from Provo. This time I came home to get out my wisdom teeth. SO yes I sit here with puffy cheeks and dry socket in two places and am still thouroughly enjoying my time in AZ. While recovering I have been spending time making headbands or just the things to put on the headbands. I think they've turned out well. When I get back to Provo I'll put up pictures. Also spending time with the family is good too. Quite relaxing. The first day I was here me and three of my best friends spent the day together. We went to Castles and Coasters, twas fun. Also we went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. t'was good. Tonight we're going to a dance show and out to eat. Monday my mommy took me to Target and Payless and bought me new clothes. We are excellent bargain hunters so I got lots of clothes for $70. Yes a $10 trench coat! And it's so cute. Tuesday Jenna and I went to the mall. The new Forever 21 there is GINORMOUS! Two floors and tons of things. I bought a tank top and some jewelry at the old forever 21 though lol. I scoped it out at the new one and then walked down the corridor in the mall to the old one. I also got supplies to make headbands at Jo-Anns. It was good. The night I got in my brother Tyler took me to a rock climbing gym and then we went and hiked a "mountain" It was fun. It was very nice too. I didn't need a sweatshirt at all and it was late at night, all I was wearing was a t-shirt and short shorts. I miss the warm night air of Phoenix. I also got to visit Tracy so that was nice as well and she fed us these delicious brownies. Oh yeah one night Jenna and I made this pie it was a cavity in a pie shell for sure but it was delicious. Well that's enough of my drugged ramblings for this post. I have a great story to tell about a treasure hunt in my mouth the nurses at the office had today... but later

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