Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Challenge 2010

So this is my idea, my "resolution" if you will. The Challenge! I think I am mostly doing this so I can learn to stick to things and carry them out. That's something hard for me to do. I either lose interest or just find something too easy or too hard. But sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.

Well that was a pretty bad introduction to this awesome idea. See my idea is that every month this year I post my challenge for the month and I challenge y'all to do better than me. For every day you complete the challenge you get 2 points. Anything extra you do is one bonus point. If you complete the challenge every day by the end of the month then you get 5 extra points as well. January will start on the 4th since I'm posting this on the 3rd.

The challenge for January is to do 25 situps a day. I was thinking the morning would be the perfect time for this because you can just fall back after saying your prayers and take 30 seconds to do the situps but this is your choice when you want to do them.

So 2 points for doing 25 situps 1 point for every 10 extra you do (so if you did 35 situps you'd get 3 points) and if you do this everyday of the month you get 5 extra points so at least 61 points you could get in January!

Leave comments on my blog about how The Challenge is going for you. And I'll update you periodically on how it is going for me.

I'm actually pretty excited for this so I hope you will all help me out with this and join me in it. I think it will be fun. And at the end of the year whoever has the most points will win a prize. I hope it's me because I'm poor. But if you do beat me then you will get a wicked awesome prize. I'm not sure yet what it will be but I promise it will be awesome.

Ok do it because I said. :)


kelzone said...

i did 50 this morning! so if i do that everyday that's 4 points...go me!

Renny said...

Well I do at least 150 at the gym each day. Today I did 210. So... how many points is that?

alirara said...

Lindsey how did you get to law school without being able to do math?

Renny said...

You don't have to do well in math to get into law school first of all. And I could figure it out, but I just don't want to. I just want you to :)

Docface said...

I just read the challenge on the 15th, so can I get extra points. Also, are they all of the way up sit ups or crunches?

alirara said...

all the way situps

Ace Rey said...

I let you use my computer. That means I already beat you for the whole year. What's my prize?