Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So we'll get back to my challenge later. I did really well for awhile but like I said it's hard for me to stick to goals... haha
Anyways I have this blog for my class. I have to have it so yes I now have 3 blogs and just fyi I have updated my adventures of a joyous nature one in this month.
Anyways I thought people would comment because that's the assignment to comment on other people's blogs but no one has still... :( I'm sad. SO you should go comment on my blog so I look like I have friends.



Bernt said...

Yeah, I have to keep a blog for a class, too. I'm completely new at it, but I try to keep it interesting.

kelzone said...

i tried to help you in your class and comment, but when i went to your new blog it wouldn't let me comment. i don't know why. i'm sorry. but i tried.
kelli jean

Renny said...

I must concur with KJ. I tried in two different browsers. Comment fail. Also, it didn't update my blog feed. It says I updated two weeks ago, and thats a lie, I updated last week.