Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm insanely poor

Why does it cost so much money to become a teacher, but teachers make so little money?

I need another job or something. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll end up having to just go to school next fall and student teach next winter so that I can earn some money.

I have too much thinking to do right now. But if you want to send me money or gold I'd appreciate it. ;)

I just want to graduate.

But I did decide to do my student teaching in Salt Lake so I will be moving up there whenever I student teach. This is because I really don't want to student teach at Provo High. It's a long story. but I don't feel like explaining it right now.


Ernesto David Lazalde said...

Hey, speaking of gold, Matt and I are thinking of going gold panning sometime. Perhaps you should join us, lol.

Anyway, good luck with the student teaching!

Bekah said...

Well, should you have any problem finding a place to stay in Salt Lake, you are welcome to stay at our apartment until you find some place to stay...whenever it is that you do your student teaching.