Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lies Boys Have Told Me

SOOOOoooo...I work from 4am-8am. I work as a custodian with 9 other people plus my awesome supervisor. I love her.

There are 3 girls and then the rest are guys. One of these guys has had this habit of staring at me. It really makes me uncomfortable so I just smile at him and walk by quickly. Any conversation we had has been "Hey how was your weekend?" "Good. You?" "Good." Sometimes he'll ask me what I did but not often.

So I was really caught off guard when he came up to me and said "Hey how you doing?" wait fast forward that was normal (except the walking over to me part, that was weird) and then he said "Well hey I think you're really fun" (Well I am really fun but how could you possibly know that?) "We should do something some time."

And I said "No you creep me out."

Really you think I would say that?! I'm not a huge jerk I applaud him for having the guts to ask someone out. No I just said "Oh yeah we should." then he said...

"So are you free Friday?" uh oh "I think so, let me check and I'll let you know tomorrow." You may think that I was going to go make plans quickly for Friday night, but I'm not a jerk so please stop thinking that. I asked Shirley when she got home

"Do we have plans for Friday?" "No why?" "This guy I work with asked me out." Then we thought of how I could make plans for Friday but it would be rude. I should take this chance to get to know him blah blah blah.

But then I as I was drifting to sleep I realized I did have plans. I was going to a retreat for Y-Serve and they were going to feed me so how could I pass up a chance for free food, plus staying in a mansion for a date with a guy who stares at me? I couldn't.

So I told him and long story short he then asked me to meet him in the CougarEat for lunch the next day (Thursday). I actually felt a lot better about this because he makes me uncomfortable. But the CougarEat at noon will be crowded and safer. Plus he had a class at one so the dreaded epic long date would not be happening.

Ah so lunch was awkward. First I ran into Travis who was in Italy and he gave me a hug and I really rather would have talked to him. Travis is really nice and doesn't stare at me in a way that makes me uncomfortable. It was just awkward because I was talking to Travis and then realized I'm probably being rude to Co-Worker.

Second, I'm pretty sure I looked like a pig because I got everything on my sandwich at Subway. Anyways all the stuff kept falling out and the dressing got on my fingers and there were no napkins on the table prompting him to ask "Where are the napkins?" Yeah pretty sure he thought I ate like the Beast. But at the end I thought he thinks I'm gross so he'll probably never ask me out again.

Then that day I was stupid in Biology.
Alicia+ Bad Mood= Unpleasant person.
And who do I see as I'm walking down the steps in the bookstore (just after having to charge over $200 for books to my student account) ? Co-Worker.
"Where ya goin?" "Biology" "Where?" "MARB" "I'll walk you there." "No. I'm good." but then he starts following me. I don't know why.
Boys always tell me that they just want to hear "No" if you don't want them or whatever. Does this mean they want to hear "No" but have no intention to act on it? That is kind of like lying by omission isn't it?
So I'm trying to shake him off "Well no, I have to go to the bathroom too. And I want to get some food." He's still following me. I'm getting annoyed because I don't want to talk to people. And then he goes "So hey do you like basketball?"
Actually I do. I had just gotten a ticket voucher for 10 free tickets to a basketball game and I thought that my friends and I should go. But I have also been on a date to a basketball game and that was my first real bad date experience. So I said "Eh it's alright, I'm not super into it. I like to watch it more than play." "Oh he said so you don't really like it" "It's alright"

Then he just doesn't say anything but just stares at me while I get my food. Not even standing next to me he's like 5 feet away from me just staring. UNCOMFORTABLE.
So then I say "I'm going to go pay for this" and he just stands there and finally he says "Well I'll see you later. By the way you look nice with straight hair instead of curly."
Thanks, my hair is naturally curly

Then today, I was mopping up a mess in the custodial closet. and it was just him and me. UNCOMFORTABLE. "How ya doing?" Good You? "Good Hey do you want to get lunch tomorrow?" And I think YAY for already having plans. "Can't sorry. I already have plans."

I think he will not try again.

Anyways The morals of this really long story: Boys let no mean no, and if a girl doesn't look at you while she's talking to you, she's not into you. For me, be more assertive, also practice the stink eye.


alirara said...

I am annoyed that the colors and different font sizes aren't working.

Madalynn said...

BAHAHA Alicia your blog always makes me laugh. Good Luck with Co-Worker.
Mom wants a picture.

Paula Gonzales Rohrbacher said...

Alicia - I am a mom of a 25 year old young woman and an 18 year old young man. It is important for you to have confidence in your ability to say no if you don't want to go out with someone. It would have been fine for you to tell your coworker that you don't want to go out with him for any number of reasons - you don't like to mix social life with work, you are in school and very busy, or you can even stretch the truth and say you are in a relationship with someone else. You don't have to hang out with someone, male or female, who makes you feel uncomfortable. It sounds like this young man doesn't know how to read social cues, so you need to be more forthright with him. Tell him it is nothing personal, but that you don't want to date him. If he continues to stare at you, tell him it makes you feel uncomfortable. If that doesn't work, tell your supervisor. DON'T be embarrassed about staying safe.

k said...

I'll help you practice the stink eye over pumpkin bread 'kay? ;)