Monday, January 24, 2011

Of Why I Should Not Speak

Today has not been a smooth day. I'll just tell you.

I just want to walk around like Shyanne when she gets sad or mad. It's actually the cutest thing to see her do. First she doesn't get her way, so her little bottom lip pushes out and then her head falls forward so she's looking at the ground and her arms just hang really straight at her sides. Plus she's got all this curly hair and she just looks so cute, it was really hard for me to not laugh any time she did that.

The point is though, I felt like walking around like that today. And on days like this I really don't like to talk much either.

So anyways it's been one of those days where you hate the internet and then get followed by a guy you work with even though you told him "No." Which is a funny story itself I shall have to post later.

So I go to Biology 100, so yes mostly freshman. And we're asked this participation question with i-Clickers. "How often do you take pain killers?" Keep in mind right before this question we were shown an article about acetaminophen and how it's in not only prescription pain killers but OTC drugs too such as Tylenol and NyQuil.

Anyways about 46% of the class said they take pain killers less than once a month. I am included in that group. And then some kid raised his hand and said he was surprised by the results he thought that more people would be taking them 8 or more times a month. OR some higher amount. Some how this morphed into people saying that probably the majority of the class didn't realize that Tylenol and Ibuprofen are also pain killers. I was getting really annoyed by this conversation for two reasons

ONE it didn't have anything to do with the topic we were supposed to be discussing
TWO obviously we knew that because we had just talked about how those were pain killers.

Also I guess I didn't really care that much about how addicted to drugs my class mates are. That's their choice I guess. I guess I mostly didn't care because I was in a grouchy mood.

So I raised my hand and because I sit in the front row the teacher called on me right away.
Uh oh Don't worry as the words were coming out of my mouth I thought "Stupid why would you even say that?!"

"Why do you guys think we're stupid? Like we know that Tylenol is a pain killer. There's other ways of alleviating pain. Like if I get a headache it's probably because I'm dehydrated and I just drink water and take a nap."

Only I said that first part in a really gross tone of voice. Like Anyways right after my first sentence my prof turned away and made a face. And then I got super embarrassed and started crying. And I ran out of the room.

Ok I didn't run out of the room and it was only like 3 tears. But it's kind of a funny story.

The moral of it being think hard before you raise your hand and don't sit in the front of the classroom any more.


Anonymous said...

When you say a "gross" tone of voice, do you mean low and gravelly such as in "There is no Dana, only Zeull" type of voice? Don't worry honey, we all have moments like that that we wish we could take back. I know the real you and so do your friends. It will all be better tomorrow.
Love, Mom

Ace Rey said...

Doesn't it feel good to tell stupid people they are being dumb and need to shut-up?

Renny said...

I do not know the real you if you're Zule, and neither does Mom.

This made me laugh really hard imagining you running out of the classroom. I hope that if you had done that, you would have left your arms hanging at your side like Napoleon Dynamite for added effect.

If your teacher makes a face at you again, give him/her the thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

Dear WEESHA. You are my favorite. Period. I love all of your stories.