Monday, November 7, 2011

A Very Exciting Post!

*Disclaimer: not all conversations are word for word, in fact probably none of them all, but you'll get the idea.*

I don't know if you have guessed what I'll be posting about...

Some of you already know.

Because we're family and that's how it works.

But some of you don't
Some times we are like is this real and then we pinch each
other and we're like Oh Yeah Baby this is real.

Here it goes are you ready?


And here is the story of how it went.  

Well one Monday he was dropping me off at my house.  You know the whole door step scene.  And I said to him                                                                                    

"You know we just need some place we can be alone."

To which he responded jokingly, "I guess we'll just have to get married."

To which I responded,"Ok but I don't want to get married until March 2012."

Which caught him off-guard.  And then started an actual conversation about marriage which ended with me asking "Did we just get engaged?"

and him replying "No, now I know that if I ask you to marry me it is a high possibility that you will say yes."

Fast forward to that weekend Saturday morning.  We're at Denny's, where we went on our first date.  We are just finishing our chocolate shakes and cheesy red potatoes.  (Also what we ate on our first date).  We're just being funny and cute together because we always are.

Then this guy is washing windows so we decide to leave so he can stand over our table and clean the window.  We walk to McDonald's.  On the way there he brings up the marriage thing again.  This starts a conversation that sounds like 

"Would you marry me?"
"Well when would we get married?"
"Uh not likely..."
"April it is." 
"Are we going to tell people we 
got engaged in McDonald's?"
"No we're unofficially engaged."

Look at him making my heart melt
Now it's the next Wednesday.  I go to American Heritage with him.  After class we are just sitting there in the JSB Auditorium talking.

I ask "So should I get my facebook back?" (note this is a link to what I'm referencing if you don't know)

He replies "I mean yeah I guess so, my family would like to see more of than just what I put up.  Why do you ask?"

While he's talking I'm thinking "He doesn't remember."

But then "Ohhh hahaha!"

Which starts another conversation.  Like

"But I had all these plans and this isn't how I imagined it."

"Really because this is how I always saw us becoming officially engaged." (note: sarcasm)

"Well it doesn't make sense to not be officially engaged if we know we're going to get married."

He takes my hand and looks at me and says "Alicia Mae Reynolds (side note I love it when he says my name) will you marry me?"

"Will you?"

I melt.

So right after that I have to run to work at the library where I actually check out a bunch of books about wedding stuff.  Yeah I'm super stoked to be marrying the man I love.  He's the best.

That night after work I tell him I'm going to call my Mom and tell her.  He tells me that he thinks he needs to talk to my dad first. My mom says "He didn't ask your Dad!"

I say "Well that's because I kind of made him propose."

So then I tell my Momma what he says and she is happy.  Well she was happy to begin with I'm just saying now she is completely happy.

So Sunday now.  He calls my Daddy.  Daddy gives him permission to marry me.  Adrian asks me to marry him again.  I of course say yes!!

Now it's Thursday.  We get together and we talk about things.  And even though we had both done this before we ask God in prayer if it's a good thing to do.  It is!!  He tells us each so!  (Didn't know that God still talks to each of us individually?  Go here to learn more!  It's the best!)

So Friday night, I tell Adrian that I know that it's a good thing.  And he is really excited and I am really excited and we're like "Yes we're going to get married!"

Now it's yesterday I guess now, November 6th, 2011.  We had a dinner with my friend Julie and her boyfriend Scott.  (It was a vegan dinner, but still very tasty.  Lentil soup and rolls).  We had to go to his house so we could talk to his family in Ecuador on the phone.  

I talked with his Papa.  That was good.  He's very nice and I'm looking forward to meeting him!  And the rest of Adrian's family.  Because soonish (April seems sooooo far away) we'll all be family!

And then after we hung up we were just sitting there talking and laughing and being cute and awesome because we don't know how to be not awesome.  And everything just feels so perfect.  And Adrian looks at me and goes 

"*Gasp* Hold on I need to do something.  Stay here."

And I'm like ok...

And then he comes back and he's like "Baby come here."
so I do.

And he says, "I know we have done things in a not so traditional way.  I love that.  I love that you don't need any of that.  I love you.  And we've been unofficially engaged and officially engaged and I want you to have everything that you deserve.  Even though we haven't done everything traditionally there's still something I want you to have.  And even though I think I know what you're going to say I want to do this right and ask you."
 He gets down on one knee and 
pulls out a little black box and opens it 
and says "Will you marry me?"

"Yes!!"  and kissing ensues.

And the ring is just gorgeous and I love it and I love him and I am going to make him the happiest husband in the world!  I love him so much.

So so so Freaking much!

 It was the most perfect proposal ever.  Everything was just so perfect!

We're getting married
April 28th, 2012.  We're so happy!  


Anonymous said...

HOORAY!!!!! That's the Beest Story Ever!

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! I am so happy for you and ring is so pretty! I love Adrian, he is such a good man and I know you will make each other so happy for eternity. Love, Mom.
PS You forgot to make a link to the prayers answered side note.

Kathy said...

That has got to be the cutest engagement story I've ever heard! Congratulations to you both

Adrienne said...

Ya'll are adorable! Even though I knew most of the story I loved reading it again! You two are great for each other and going to be so happy! Love you Alicia!! :)

Renny said...

Fromage ball. :)

I'm very happy you found someone good.

I love you a lot and wish I could go wedding dress shopping with you and plan everything with you.

Celeste said...

This is fantastic! Alicia - you are the best, and I"m so excited for you :)

kewwi said...

That is just wonderful. I can only imagine how sad kelli is she will miss your wedding by 10 days!!!! Have you told her? Only I think april 28 sounds like the best wedding date eva!