Saturday, September 3, 2011

Desktops Don't get WiFi Sometimes

I'm writing this from my roomies lappy That translates to "my roommates laptop"  in case you were unaware of the lingo I was using.

Yeah I am using my brothers desktop until I have the money to pay him for it, and then I will be using my desktop.  But it doesn't get WiFi.  And he gave me this little stick thing that is supposed to pick up the wireless signal but it doesn't work very well.

Anyways enough complaining. 

I deleted my Facebook!  

GASP For Shame you say.  How do you know what's going on with your friends?

Honestly they just have to tell me if they want me to know because I will otherwise be unaware. 

I just wasted too much time on there.  It's not healthy for me so that's why I deleted it.

But when will you come back?  

I tell people I'll come back when I'm engaged and I need their addresses.

Ma soeur left for France today.  That translates to My sister left for France today.  She's going on a study abroad for law school.  So exciting!  So you can see another very important reason for me to get the internet and webcam working...
Shirley is coming down from Salt Lake to visit for the weekend!!  How exciting!  I miss her because I am in Provo and she is an important teacher in Salt Lake now. 

This fall really brought a lot of changes.  I am not sure how I feel about them all.

I have to apply for graduation soon.  I graduate in April.  First I need to apply for student teaching which I will do in Winter.  Apparently at a Jr. High :P 

I don't know if you knew this but I kind of am not very fond of 12 year olds.  Haha I'm sure it will be fine...Pray for me at least please.

I only have 6 credits this semester.  So that's good.

And I moved into a new apt which I will right about and post pictures of when I get the internet working.  Just know this, it's HUMONGOUS!


If your computer doesn't get internet there is always solitaire... (ignore the internet in the background).


Renny said...

Jr high? Why not High school? C'est triste.

Anonymous said...

How is the computer today? love mom