Friday, October 28, 2011

Not an Exciting Post

But there will be one soon.  

This post is about writing in my journals.

Gosh, I love writing in a journal, because then you can get everything out and it's completely honest and you can spill your guts and it's like "ok there now I don't have to tell any one else any of this stuff."  Though you may if you desire.

But I honestly hate going back and reading a lot of my journal entries because I sound like such an idiot.  When I go back and read them I just think "Man I hope no one ever reads this I sound like such a freak."  It's enough to make me want to burn my journals some times.  But I think I have figured out why I sound so stupid so often in my journal entries.

It's because when I'm writing in my journal, most often I am just staring things in the face, I'm not trying to see around problems or potential problems I am writing down just exactly what's there now and how I feel about it.   And I can see how some things had started to overshadow what I should have been seeing from the start.  How I should maybe more carefully consider everything and not obsess over one dumb thing.  And I should stop being so selfish.  


Gratefully my friend/roommate Adrienne pointed out that she feels the same way about her journal entries and the way she sees it is that when our daughters are going through similar things we can pull out our journals and show them we understand and then give them our knowledge on the subject.

He's singing in this picture.  I'm Melting as I take it.
Oh and I just want you all to know that I am completely in love with Adrian.  Seriously, he's the bestestestest.  And I'm excited to go watch him sing with Mens Chorus tomorrow.  Yeah because he also has the best singing voice ever.  I love him!

The Moral of this story is: Try not to sound so stupid when you write in your journal everyday for a year, you'll regret it later.  ;)


The Petersons said...

I don't think a journal would be real if you weren't embarrassed by 95 % of the things in it. It's the place you put the things you wouldn't say out loud--the truth, even in it's most raw form.

I think it's amazing that you are a good journal keeper. I wish I was better at it.

Keep up the good work!

Renny said...

Let me read your journal. It is my job as your older sister to invade your privacy.

alirara said...


And Lindsey, once I remember leaving my journal open when we shared a room so that you would read it and feel bad for being mean to me, but you didn't read it so, no you can't read my journal.

Anonymous said...

Why did you make Adrian sing in the laundry room? Love Mom