Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another One? (in whiny voice)

I really like flowers and my floral design class. It's making me want to be a wedding planner... only not like Jennifer Lopez where I steal someones groom. I would feel really mean if I did that.

I have to take 3 tests this week maybe 4 I have to check. But I really don't know how well I'll do on any of them. It's hard for me to focus lately, just because I'd rather focus on other things.

I'm getting really good at crosswords. I like to do them. Also they remind me of my Grandma. Hopefully that means I'm getting to be an old lady. (Please oh Please let me be and old Lady)

When I'm old I'm going to sit on my porch and spray people with a hose.


Like pretty much every girl regardless of relationship status, I like to look at Bridal magazines. After looking through many of these and watching "Say Yes to the Dress" I still have no idea what I want my dress to look like. But I do know I want texture, either from lace, ruching, or some other technique. Don't think I want to be studded out though with crystals and beading because I don't. I think that is not for me at all. So I don't want texture through beading. Yeah and I don't want your standard mormon girl dress either. If I had a choice I'd have Vera Wang design my dress.

That means I need to get rich and famous so she'll do it. Above is my favorite dress of hers. It's called Calalilly. Although I'm not sure why because that flower thing is definitely not a cala lilly...

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