Thursday, November 5, 2009


So I need to do a creativity project for my class. Here are some of my ideas. Help me narrow it down:

a)Tell an oral story (like Homer did) only the main character is you!! It would be a sort of epic tale that would reflect the values of our day.

b)Write my own fables (like Aesop's) that reflect the values of our day

c)Make a pyramid shaped kind of shadow box in which I would put things that are important to me that I would want to have with me forever.

d)Create an ad for the American Floral Society, along with a floral arrangement where I relate giving your significant other flowers is the best way to keep them happy and to dispel misfortune (akin to the ancients making sacrifices to their gods).

e)A sort of tapestry depicting a story from my life or someone else's.

f)A kind of stained glass window depicting a story of modern times.

K that's all I got. Which do you like best? Or do you have a better idea?


kelzone said...

woa weesh, all that writing stuff sounds like a whole lot of work and not your cup o' tea (aka numero a and b)...but on the other hand you are very good at telling stories.
c would be very easy for you i're very crafty and i could see it turning out so elaborate it competes with tut's tomb...
but my personal favorite, the stained glass can never go wrong with a stained glass window.

Renny said...

Well you know how Demetri Martin feels about d) "here, now watch these die. You better put your feet in some water, cause you're next!"

I always want you to tell stories about me.
Or make a shadow box shaped like my head. (just kidding).

The tapestry would be cool.

Anonymous said...

I like the tapestry too and the pyramid because you could make it kind of like your pop up book!
love mom