Monday, November 30, 2009

Works for Me

I said I would post about what I like about work But don't forget to read and comment on what I don't like about work, which I wrote below. Because that is still on my mind.
  • Missionaries (awesome because they are going on a mission to teach and preach and serve as missionaries do)
  • Trina (she is very nice)
  • Crazy kitchen workers (sometimes they make me chuckle)
  • The friendships I have made there (yes I have friends at work)
  • How working at the MTC has made me come out of my shell. I had to in order to use the nepotism that occurs there in my favor (haha)
  • I'm making pretty good money
  • I can work holidays for double time
  • Sometimes I'm allowed to work 40 hours a week
  • It's pretty easy to get work off
  • Sunday Breakfast (Best Shift Ever! You can eat whatever you want and I like to do the trash, I don't know why but I do)
  • Sometimes you get to meet General Authorities It's pretty Rad.
  • Occasionally they give us the leftovers
  • Oranges the oranges the MTC has had lately have been really delicious
Ok I think that is it. Bye.

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Anonymous said...

They should always give you the leftovers instead of throwing thema away. Also, Which general authorities have you met? Love, Mom. ( I still can't log on to my account which is why I can't blog.)