Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Working Out

I think I go through periods in my life where I become obsessed with making money.

Right now is one of those times. I want to just work and work, except for one thing; I hate my job.

I just hate pretty much everything about it. Except the missionaries.

I like that there are so many missionaries. It's a good thing.

Some people I work with drive me crazy. Sometimes they seem fake, sometimes they are just not good workers, and sometimes I just find them completely irritating. Most of the time I ignore it if they are just regular workers but when my supervisor doesn't do his/her job right that just pushes me over the edge.

No, really, it really makes me angry. I hate that I will have to go around on my next shift and fix the things he/she should have had people do during that shift. It's insanely annoying. Mostly because he/she is the supervisor and he/she is supposed to be setting the bar for the employees. Instead he/she is telling them it is ok to slack off and not do your job right because someone else will take care of it.

You would think that if he/she was really this bad at supervising then the managers wouldn't let him/her be the supervisor the next semester, you would think. Oh but wait, they did. And did I get any shifts? No I did not. Not even cashier shifts. Whatever.

So that is my dilema. I want to just work all the time but being at work makes me unhappy, which doesn't help me in my quest to be more charitable, and Christ-like. Which is awkward because I work at the MTC...

Because I am so frustrated with work right now I'm going to make you a bulleted list of things I hate about work and then I will bury it and move on with my life. My next post will be things I like about working there.
  • Nepotism- that's how you get a good job there
  • Lazy workers- I love it when we have been serving just pizza at dinner but I'm sweeping up eggs, fried chicken (yes a whole drumstick), or fries
  • It's dirty (on account of lazy workers)
  • Wasteful (tons of food is just thrown away on a daily basis)
  • Ugly uniforms that are ugly (they are ugly, did I mention that?)
  • Crazy people who work in the kitchen (sometimes they just drive me insane (not always))
  • That the leftover bar on 1-4 has this superfolously long tube to empty the water out of the wells which in itself will take 15min not to mention how long it takes to clean all the stuck on food off of that thing.
  • Roaches
  • Rude customers
  • Bad supervisors (like the one mentioned above)
  • Ridiculous policies (like not walking on wet floors. Hello at night custodial to clean the floor we spray it with a hose. In the dishroom water is always splashing everywhere. Last I checked people can't hover)
  • That I had to pay $25 for my uniform deposit but if I lose my hat or apron I have to buy a new one. They won't just deduct it from my deposit.
  • Just the fact I had to pay a uniform deposit.
  • I have only been Employee of the Month once even though I was "Star of the Day" everyday over the summer.
  • That some one I work with hates me for no reason at all. One day I'm just standing there serving food on her line and I hear her go "Mel that's her" But nothing after that so I look up and she and Mel are glaring at me. Thank you very much for never ever talking to me in my entire life or smiling. I don't know what I did to you but get over it.
  • Caution this may sound racist: If there are 2 people who speak spanish that you are working with they will only speak spanish to eachother. They may even acknowledge that it's rude but continue doing it.
  • The early sitters. (people who decide that they are done at the end of the shift even though there is still tons that needs to be done)(this can also be categorized under lazy workers)
  • I always look/smell gross after work.
  • The shifts are at the most inconveinient times.
Ok I think that is enough.

Edit: I'm glad the bullets don't show up on the list that's just awesome :\

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MetroRimJ~ said...

who that sounds rough! kinda curious what your job is though =_=