Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Coming....

Soon so many things will be here. Like General Conference, and October, and Halloween, and all my sister's birthday's, and my birthday, and Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But what am I most excited for?

The end of my adolescent development class. It ends October 19. YES! I'm so excited. I decided I don't like psychology.


Well I'll tell you, it's because there's no definate answers, no always, no most of the time, no nothing, and yet psychology tries to make there be a one way or no way answer. Our text book will say one thing in one paragraph and then completely contradict itself in the next.

So confusing.

It also may be that I don't like this class so much because it's 4 hours long...maybe...

1 comment:

Renny said...

I like your background, it looks like where I live.
If you don't like contradictions, never go to law school.