Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Reading

So many awesome updates for you all.

Remember how it has always been my dream to work at a library?  Well guess what...
I got hired at the P-Town Library!!  

You may all do a celebratory dance for me now.  

Which speaking of books...

I'm doing this new thing in order to A) Get to know those people I care about better, B) Expand my horizon intellectualy (ok I guess that isn't a word but you can see why then I need to do this), & C) Enlarge the number of books I have read. 

See what I'm doing is asking people what their 3 favorite books are and then I will choose one that I have not read and read it.
So I started with my oldest brother Aaron.  He said
1)The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 
2) MacBeth and 
3) Jurassic Park.  
I had already read MacBeth and Jurassic Park so I am currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring.  It's quite good so far.  I think having seen the movies before hand has helped because I could see myself getting bored a bit if I hadn't. 

And now there's some purist out there who's like "For Shame!  The books are infinity times better than the movies!!"  And duh there's hardly an occasion where they are not, BUT sometimes books can be a bit on the boring side.  For me If I can imagine all the little details or things that will make it more fun while I'm reading it is better.  

Have you ever read Treasure Island?  It's an awesome book right?  Well The beginning is a bit slow.  So When I read it I imagined the characters were Muppets, like from Muppet Treasure Island ("I've got Cabin Fever!" "I've got it too!" hahahhahahahaha).  And that helped me get through the slowness of the beginning of the book,

You're still mad, but you'll get over it.

Besides I've heard tons of people say that the Fellowship is a bit slow so I'm not the only one who thinks so.  :P

I'm not usually a purist when it comes to things like movie adaptions of books.  I can just appreciate them as different forms of art.  But I am a purist about the Wizard of Oz.  Don't get me wrong, I love both the movie and book.  But I don't like it adapted as a play and I really don't think I would like Wicked.  I know I'm awful, everyone loves Wicked.  But I seriously think it would make me super angry.  I also don't like to hear about the political undertones of the story.  Anyways...The point is
don't mess with Oz or I'll punch you.

And you might think I'm a purist with Harry Potter, and while I do hate the 3rd movie, I can appreciate the occasional Potter Puppet Pals

Ok The End.

Except oh yeah I'm still sick and I don't think it is mono, but my voice has been gone for over a week now.  So that's pretty interesting.

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