Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who have you been kissing?

That's what people ask me when I tell them my symptoms.

I've been sick for 2 weeks now.  Tired all the time, and not just my normal tired all the time, but like getting my 8 hours of sleep and then taking 4 hour naps during the day.  And then this constant headache that can't be because I'm dehydrated because I'm not, I'm quite hydrated.  So then I stopped being as tired and now I've lost my voice.

Is that my voice? oh well hahahaha

But I'll tell you a secret, I like the sound of my talking voice when I have a sore throat.  IDK why.  Maybe it's because it's fun to sound different sometimes, or to pretend you have one of those raspy sexy voices.

Anyways so people hear my symptoms and say, it sounds like mono.

And I get really hopeful that I do have mono.  

You think I'm strange but I think it's brilliant.  

There are plasma donation centers that will give you $500 for your plasma if you have mono.  I could use $500.  I think it's worth it but not many people do.

Mono is also known as the kissing disease.  So that's why they grin and ask me
 "Who have you been kissing?"  
And I have to say 
"no one as of late.  And I suppose if I really do have mono I won't be kissed anytime soon." 
And then I have to make a frowny sad face.  
But it's all just for comic relief.  Mono is most commonly picked up from sharing water bottles and things like unto it.

So you're like, well Alicia if you think you might have mono and you think it's worth it to have it to get $500 why don't you go to the doctor and have them take your blood and find out for suresies?

Well that is because due to some mix-up I do not have any Health Insurance.  Lame I know.  But I think I will buy BYU's health insurance and go soon.  
Because it is totally worth it.

Moral of the story: Get mono and make $500 dollars in a few hours and do it more than once and make more than $500.

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Antonella said...

Ehi I found myself around here and this totally reminded me of my high-school finals period...i was always tired and my cervical lymph nodes were swollen up, i had a temperature and mono was around in my it was all like "whom have you been kissing?"...

..."no-one of late" I'd say...

...a few days later the rash appeard: i had the German measles, how lame is that?

very vivacious style you have, good post :-)