Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The combination of left over dinners put into one dish, made when you have nothing else to eat.

But I was going to make this a shmorgishborg of my thoughts but I have decided against it.  I just have so many blog  posts that i want to write I just think I'd better save them for other days. 

 So which topic should I pick for this post?

What an excellent question my dearies, a very excellent question.  One I have been pondering for the last week!  Oh yes on occasion I do put some serious thought into my posts.

I know you were hoping for a Meet My Friends Wednesday, but no one has said they would like to be featured...that I am aware of.

Let me firsxt say Thanks!  Thanks for reading my blog, and laughing with me about the things that happen in my life. I appreciate you.  Danke!  

I think I shall post about my upcoming trip to Portland.

I am quite excited.  

Why? What's in Portlandyou ask  

Actually I don't know what's in Portland but in a town quite close to Portland called Beaverton is my best friend (yes who will not do MMFW :C) Tom.  And I am going to visit him there.

That's right June 16-19 (I'm leaving the 20th early in the morn so it isn't through the 20th because it's only through the 19th.

Anyways I'm quite excited.  Apparently we're going to a fair.  Which should be fun.  And I also know we're going to Church and a game night.  We might be going to the coast and a play (either about Janis Joplin or Alzheimer's).  Yeah... I am sure that they are interesting plays.  Plus I'll be with Tom so if they are not we could make fun of them later. :)

But I don't really know what we're doing because he's all secretive about it.  "You like surprises!"  Yeah but I'm also impatient and I like surprises I know I will like.  But I trust him to pick out fun things to do, I just want to know what they are!

Guess what I have not seen Tom for 2 years because he was on a mission and then he didn't come back to Utah so I could see him instead he went to Portland because that's where his family is.  So this is pretty exciting N'est pas?!

The last time I went to Oregon I was a baby.  All I remember from the trip is that we picked blueberries and it was evening and there was a fence at the bottom of a hill.  So it doesn't really count as me being there.  

Anyways you get the idea I'm really super excited.

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We picked blackberries.