Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've Got Another Confession to Make

So last week on Tuesday was the Foo Fighters Concert.  So Adrian and I went to Salt Lake for the day.
It was really fun.  Here's our day in pictures.  Also we went to Olive Garden and ate a lot of cheese.  A lot of cheese.  It was so good.  But I didn't take any pictures of that.  

I have the best boyfriend ever.  Adrian is the bestest!

The Salt Lake Temple...when you go to Salt Lake you have to go to Temple Square.  Otherwise you miss great opportunities to take pictures like this.  And you know other stuff.... :)

Oh we're so happy enjoying the concert together.  Though that lady in the back looks angry.  Haha C'est la vie!

"I'm Dave Grohl, I'm the lead singer of Foo Fighters and I'm sideways."

"I like to rock hard and party on dudes."

"This is me with some of the members of my band.  We're awesome!"

Still enjoying the concert together.  Also I was enjoying his scruffy beard.  Too bad we go to BYU and he has to shave it off all the time.  But good thing he still looks good without it  Haha no We love BYU and I love his face beard or no beard.

Possibly the best picture of a concert ever taken ever.  Don't steal it because it's mine.  I took it.


Renny said...

I like that last picture a lot.

alirara said...

it's good isn't it? I took it myself. I was very proud of it I still am

Renny said...

I'm impressed with the crispness of the lights. Good job.

Also, your background reminds me of "I love the 80s."

Ruth said...

Good looking couple! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Very cute couple! Also, You could sell that picture on line! Love, Mom