Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Like

This is just a quick update because I have so much to do, but I want to share with ya my happiness.

General Conference was so great.  Did you miss it?  Watch/Listen to it Here

You won't regret it, it's so awesome.  

I was grateful to get to watch Conference with Adrienne (my roommate) (at least while she could be there) and Adrian (boyfriend).

Does it ever get confusing having a roommate and a boyfriend with the same name?  Sometimes.  But is it ever comical?  Always.

Just imagine.

I'm listening to Elder Holland's talk that he gave to the Priesthood.  It's so good and I'm only 2 minutes in.  

I also really liked Sister Dalton's talk.  It made me want to talk to my Daddy, who I haven't been able to talk to in almost a month.  Because every time I call we miss each other.

These are pictures of my room.  Did I tell you I had my own huge room?  It's amazing.  Anyways, Help me think of ideas for decorating.  I did find this one thing I want to try with crayons and a hair dryer.  When I do it I'll show you.  I think Adrienne and I are going to do it soon.  


Anonymous said...

I loved Sis. Dalton's talk, too.
I also like the green color of your room, at least how it looks on here. I hope it looks as good in person. It looks very fresh. Love, Mom

Renny said...

Wow, your room is like the size of the relief society room in the Moon Valley Ward building... no, wait, wait, it is actually the size of the entire building.