Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blog Exclusive!! Some of these pictures aren't even on facebook yet

So I moved into my new apartment. Here are some pictures. I'll mark the exclusive ones with an *.
aren't you proud of how well we cleaned our bathroom
it wan't even our mess
but look how amazing it is now I cleaned the tub and walls of the shower.
scroll down farther to see the befor pictures
yay I don't have to wear flip flops to go potty anymore
dirty shelves in the shower
clean shelves in the shower
cleaning the bathmat

jenessa in the gloves from work
*i look weird in this picture I have a huge nose and body with a tiny head
we don't know what this is
the underside of the bathmat
gross shelves

gross floor
clean floor
pile of hair after sweeping the floor
wet hair found while sweeping floor
me fixing the toilet

*our storage room we have one box of Christmas decorations in there
the dirty drain area in the shower
the clean drain area in the shower
the dirty harry bathroom floor
the clean bathroom floor

the nasty shelves in our shower
*our kitchen wall
*the sink and window in the kitchen
*our cupboard
*the big chair it's brand new very comfy

*my bed with all our stuff on it
*our room just after moving all our stuff in
*our windowsill precleaning
*after cleaning
the dirty tub pre-cleaning


Lil Renny said...

Your bathroom is nasty. Or maybe I should say was... did you get some super HDQ from work to clean? Actually my fav was always Foamy Q&A.

Docface/Wilbur said...

See, all of the practice you had at home cleaning the bathroom and fixing the toilet really came in handy!

alirara said...

it was the foamy Q&A that's my favorite too. I'm never going back to the other stuff. I'll find where they sell the foamy and buy it to clean my house with because It's so so so amazing. I'm addicted to it.

kelzone said...

wisha!! i found your blog! that is sick and i am not going to lie, i am glad to be home with a clean bathroom (only two girls share two sinks so there isn't nearly as much hair)...anywho, i hope you are doing well...your post about tom leaving made me feel really sad for you and i wish i was there to do what i do best-eat a pint (each) of ben and jerry's and watch a chick flick with you and i would let you cry on my shoulder (jenessa isn't much help with th whole ben and jerry's thing, but she'd probably let you cry on her shoulder and watch a chick flick, she'd even probably cry with you)...love you and miss you!
peace and love, kelli jean