Friday, April 11, 2008

Unstability in...


It snowed this morning...and now it is sunny and windy and very nice outside. Is this seriously how Utah weather is? Why do people tolerate it? Oh its just very annoying to wear a winter coat on your way to school because it's needed and then on your way home not need it but not want to take it off because you don't want to carry it. So then when you get home you are smelly and sweaty and stinky. :P lameness

my hair.
My hair doesn't care what I want it to do it just does whatever. If my hair looks way cute one day and I try to reproduce the look by doing everything exactly the same, it of course will look like crap. Grr

well that's about it.

I went to HFL with Tom today. I didn't really listen though because a) It's not my class and b) they handed out these quizzes for everyone to do and so I was busy answering it with funny answers. Like there was this one that said "Routines and rituals in family life are being threatened and destroyed by:" and then it had a blank for you to fill in so I put "Rabid Bunnies" (and I drew a rabid bunny) and drugs (and I drew drugs). T'was funny.

Going to class with him was enjoyable though. even though he sits right in the front row. I hate that but whatever.


Lil Renny said...

you are funny.

Lil Renny said...

I think its instability