Thursday, April 10, 2008

Slow Down You Crazy Child

If you can guess where that title is from I'll give you a surprise...

The end of the semester is coming too quickly i don't like it. And it's making me tired. I feel like I'm trying so hard and putting so much into it but I don't think it's going to be enough in the end... any ways I'm having a good time all the same. I can't decide if my favorite class has been weather or Living prophets.

Weather is great because a) It's super easy b)it's so interesting and c) it's cool to be able to know how God worked the weather out. yeah it's way cool. We had to do a project that would take all semster about and then do a report on it at the end of the semester So I recorded the max and min temperatures for everday along with the inches of snowfall and percipitation. and then I made graphs and it was interesting to me to see the things we learned in class realized. Like ok so a cold front is moving in bringing snow with it. Well in front of that is warm air being pushed out of the way for the cold front. That's why it warms up before it snows and on my graphs it was plain to see that pattern the max and min air temps always rose up high before it snowed. It was cool. I made all these graphs and tables. But then my printer ran out of colored ink so I had to color them in Hopefully I don't get docked points for that. Escpecially since I don't think my report was the best.

Living prophets is just amazing. I mean what could be better than getting to go to class and learn about the Living Prophets for an hour. And about how the Church works. I just love it. We got to learn about all 15 Apostles like their biographies and it was way cool. Also for this class we had a semester long project and it was to read a biography of one of the apostles and write a paper on it. I chose President Gordon B. Hinkley. I know what you're thinking, "He's not alive anymore" But he was when we started the class so I bought the book and then he died but our teacher said we could still read his and I was happy because his book was the cheapest one even though it was the biggest. Yeah. But it was great being able to read about him because I really feel Like I know who he is now I know him better and It made me want to be better after reading it. and He was a man with challenges and difficulties just like us. Yes he made mistakes but i think the difference in how he corrected those mistakes was why he was so amazing. I think a lot of the times people mess up and they don't want to own up to it but He would and he would rely on the Lord throughout his life. Even when he witnessed terrible things he wouldn't doubt his testimony he would let it strengthen and grow through those hardships.

Yeah It was way good. I reccomend the book. But I have it so you can borrow it if you'd like just don't ruin it.

Oh but i still wish the end of the semester wasn't so imminent (?) Some many things end at the end... But it's a new begining too. like a new chapter in my book

Oh guess what I'm going to write a book this summer in my spare time. At least that's my plan.

Oh and I ordered my new phone today I like it. Its a samsung SCH-u410. i like it O and it was free.

Oh and I got new shoes today. They are way cute. And I needed them. My other ones were falling apart. I was going to leave the mall without anything because I couldn'tfind anything I really liked for a good price. But then as Tom and I were walking out through Penny's we saw these shoes and he was like hey what about those and I was like yeah I didn't see those before and they were cute blue plaid slides I got them in a size 8 because there weren't any size 9 and the best part was that they were supposed to be $35 but were like 50% off. So it was good

Also I got a canvas bag today at American Eagle. It's big and it ways I love my bike on one side and on the other it has a bike. it is dark blue. and it is big so I can use it for groceries and to carry stuff to school sometimes and to take my laundry to Lindsey's apt and other things. and it was only $7 it used to be $24

the moral of those stories is that I'm an excellent shopper


Lil Renny said...

Billy Joel Vienna. You have it on your 13 going on 30 soundtrack. Need me to be more specific? Its from the scene where she is on the train going home cause she has realized she is a bad person. Then she goes home and goes down to the basement and sits in the closet and starts banging against the shelves and then her parents come home and they think someone is down there and so they sneak down there with a baseball bat but its just her. But the song was out before the movie. So yeah, whats my prize?

Docface/Wilbur said...

Billy Joel, "Vienna", and because I put in quotation marks, I beat Lindsey. Also, how are shoes good if they are a size too small? Does your bike still work and will you be able to fit the tote bag in the basket? That will be so cute with your bike tote bag.

alirara said...

the bag has a shoulder strap so i can use both. the shoes still fit though because they didn't have half sizes