Friday, November 5, 2010


Nope I am not going to write about bears except that little bit I just wrote about them.
I'm mad at my English teacher. Right she's not even a professor because she's a grad student.

This class is ridiculous. We have to spend so much money to get things printed and bound on nice paper and in color, and then she lost our projects. A project I put many hours of effort into and spent over $6 on printing, and binding. A project I actually wanted back, because I spent so much time on. It's seriously the most annoying thing ever.

And so now I have to e-mail it to her. And she said the file isn't opening. Annoying.

Ok sorry for complaining.

In other news I went to El Salvador today with my amigo Matt. We met in geology. Anyways we went and got Pupusa's. Those are delicious El Salvadorian food things. Yummy. and they are fairly cheap too. You can get one for $1.60. 2 is filling enough. Anyways...

Matt and I had never really had a real conversation before, I think this is because we are both hilarious...probably. Well I told him we had to have a real conversation because we were going to eat. So we did...although he still hasn't told me what he would do in the case of a Zombie-Utah Raptor apocalypse.

When it was time to go Matt paid for my food! That was very nice. Thank you Matt.


Skaters said...

sounds fun!! well, the el salvadorian restaurant part. not your english teacher loosing your project part.

also, that bear is really cute.

Anonymous said...

I don't know this Matt guy sounds sketchy

Renny said...

Oh Aaron, don't worry about this Matt guy. I'm sure they'll be in love for time and all eternity.

I like that bear, but you should have posted the other bear picture you have too.

alirara said...

I don't think that was Aaron who wrote that... Also Matt and I aren't dating. Stop writing embarrassing comments on my blog.

I thought about putting the other bear picture too. It's the most hilarious picture ever

Ace Rey said...

I didn't write that. I think Anonymous should come forward and just sign in.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me. When I sign anonymous it is because I am too lazy to sign in. But I always sign,
love, Mom.

alirara said...

I'm pretty sure that it was Matt. But I guess we'll never know.