Monday, November 1, 2010

A Weekend

This weekend was a bit unusual.

I spent a some time cleaning (ok that's not the unusual part people), some time falling asleep while doing homework, mindlessly flipping through channels while eating something, (and now we get to some unusual things) spent hours talking on the phone, and going to three parties!

I am not a party person unless I am throwing the party and will know every person or close to every person at the party. Being in a large crowd of people I don't know makes me uncomfortable. It stems from my shy past, which I am slowly trying to get over.

But you're thinking the most unusual thing about this weekend was how much time I spent talking on the phone aren't you. "Don't you hate talking on the phone Alicia?" The correct answer to this is "Yes, unless..."

Here's a list of exceptions to when I hate talking on the phone
  • It's with my family
  • It's with a very, dear, dear, dear friend
  • It's someone telling me I won a billion dollars
this is the happy phone I love to talk on. When I win a billion dollars they'll call me on this phone.

This weekend I was able to talk with the second option a lot! And it was very good and so it will continue for past the weekend. I also was able to talk with my family too. And it was very good so I will still be calling them on a regular basis. As well I expect calls from them. Especially from my little sister now who apparently has a cell phone even though she's not even 16 and has no job...haha I'm just kidding. I often think "Man I wish MadJoy had a phone so I could tell her something right now." But even then she's still in the high school and so she should not be texting during school hours.

Anyways I digress...

I'm still waiting for the third option to happen.

Well I guess it's just really good to hear from people you love even if it has to be through a form of communication you aren't really fond of.

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