Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roonil Waslib and Batman

IF you are unaware Roonil Waslib is what Harry's mates call him...look it up in the 6th Harry Potter book.

See he's other people's hero too!

So I'm going to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tomorrow night at 10:10pm which is extremely appropriate for me since that is my birthday. And this year is 2010...Too bad Harry Potter didn't come out on my birthday. Well actually not too bad because my birthday was on a Sunday so I wouldn't have gone to see it anyways.

Anyways I'm sooooo suuuuper excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what about Batman you ask. Well there's this guy who I know and in my head I call him Batman. He pretty much is like Batman from Batman Begins only not as creepy as Christian Bale.

Yes I find Christian Bale creepy...the whole American Psycho thing really scared me as a child and I've never been fond of him since. Except for in Newsies. I think it's because that's before is American Psycho days...

Anyways Batman is quiet but hilarious. And he actually talks to me first sometimes...or all the times we've talked, because I don't really know him and find him quite mysterious actually.

I think he would fight crime at night if he didn't live in Provo. Maybe he should move to a more dangerous city, but then he wouldn't be here for me to have funny interactions with. I would say conversations but we don't really have conversations, more like 3 line dialogs that always end really awkwardly.

I guess you're wondering why I never have real conversations with people. I guess I'm wondering that now too.

And I guess now I'm going to have go do some introspection to figure out what is stopping me from actually creating these conversational connections with people.

Oy vey.


Allan said...

Julia, is this batman guy real?

alirara said...

Yes (like Chuy)

Felicia said...

So, did you like HPotter? I haven't seen it yet. The honey and I, being of, um, a certain age, but with no children of our own, feel a little weird going to see these movies in the theaters. We shouldn't. But I do feel like we should rent a small child out for the day or something and dress it up in a bonnet and warn it about the evils of Snape or something.