Friday, November 12, 2010

My 22 List: An Update

So it's been a month since my birthday, you may be wondering how my list is coming along.

I think it's been going quite nicely.

I have written in my journal everyday!! Ok so one of the day's was when I started writing at 11pm one day and finished at 1am the next. But it counts I decided. And it's not long either only 2 little pages. It took so long and yet is so short because I was watching a lifetime movie. I would write during the commercials.

It was a good movie well as far as Lifetime goes. It was "Accused at 17" and it's about this girls and her murder friend who blames it on the girl. It was crazy.

I digress, I just have a weakness for those Lifetime movies.

They're just so intriguing.

Ok enough about Lifetime

So yes the journal is going well. The picture a day thing...sometimes it's inspired and sometimes it's like "Dang I need to take a picture before I go to sleep!" and I end up taking a picture of something in my room.

ok here's a cool thing I can cross this off the list.....I made a telescope!! And it didn't cost me anything!! Unfortunately I am dumb and didn't take a picture of it. And I couldn't keep it, and it wasn't in a tube either. SO you're like "wow sure you made a telescope."

But don't be so skeptical. I made it for my Physics class. We were learning about lenses and we had to use these lenses they gave us to make a microscope and a telescope. So my group let me do the telescope and focus it and stuff. So it was awesome. It was a telescope, It let me look at something far away magnified. Also it was inversed which you were expect. It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!

I've been reading the Bible too. I'm only in Genesis still but give me a break I'm still in school and have a lot of reading to do. I figure that over Christmas Break I won't have a lot to do all the time so I can read a lot of the Bible then.

I didn't get to eat sushi yet...but I did buy my ticket to see Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes all those ! were necessary.

And my family may go to the East Coast this next summer and I might convince them to drive through DC. My Daddy said we could go backpacking next summer too! And I went to the Provo Temple, which is in Utah, and I'm planning to go to Timpanogos soon!!

So I feel like my list is going well.

I love you guys. You're awesome!!


Madalynn said...

Well that is great (:
I'm probably gonna go see HP soon after it's released too. (:

Ace Rey said...

Lifetime movies and Hallmark movies are the two types of movies I hate the most.