Monday, April 25, 2011

And Randy Said, "Nofing"

That is pronounced Nuffing.  And the title is a line from a hilarious YouTube Video called Kid History Episode 1.  Go watch it.  It's awesome.
There I just put it in the post for your enjoyment.

So I'm not gonna lie this past weekend was not very happy for me. 

Except I did get to see a concert in the Tabernacle at Temple Square Friday and the music was amazing and the concert was awesome.

And I had friends come over on Easter and we had a delicious dinner and dyed Easter eggs.  I love Easter.

And I'm glad I'm not an associator (like I hardly ever associate things to events that happen.  Well I associate them but I don't let a song or something be ruined if something undesirable happens).  

Here's a list of things I like:
  1. The sound of birds chirping when I leave my house for work in the morning
  2. That I don't need my winter coat for that walk to work in the morning anymore
  3. Pickles-Dill
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Easter ... actually I love Easter it's one of my fave holidays.  I'll talk about that in a bit though
  6. The crispness of the air on a fall morning
  7. The laziness of a summer
  8. my bed
  9. Etc
I am tired of making that list.

Now I will tell you about Easter.  It is awesome.  Not just because it's a holiday where I can dye Easter eggs and impress everyone with my dying skills.  No that is certainly secondary.  I love why we have Easter.  To celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and give thanks for the Atonement.  Because honestly where would we be without those?? We would be hopeless, we'd have to be.  Because of that great sacrifice, we can live with our families forever and have our bodies and it is going to be awesome!

I love Easter.

Also I love prayer.  
This weekend after offering a prayer, I just felt so much love come to me from Heavenly Father.  I know He really does care about us all so much and knows us all individually.  We just have to trust in him and do what he asks.  It's like Proverbs 3:5-6.  Because really why would He lead us astray?? He wouldn't of course because He loves us so much and wants us to be happy.  That's why He gives us commandments.  I know that if we keep His commandments we can find eternal happiness, not just that fleeting momentary pleasure we get when we give in sometimes.  

Ok Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile...things have just been...different and busy?

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Renny said...

I watched the second episode, even though you said it wasn't as funny. I still laughed. When the mom was just saying his name over and over again. It was killing me.