Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Woot

Today was a good day.  I woke up on the couch because when I came home last night I sat there thinking and then I fell asleep.
Anyways...Sacrament meeting was so good.  The choir performed such beautiful numbers.  Including one that the choir director and his father wrote.  I love hymns because they just let the Spirit be so strong and it's totally awesome.

They announced today that there aren't going to be anymore university stakes or wards...instead the singles wards will all be in one stake and they will all be YSA (Young Single Adult) Stakes.  So the name of the BYU 1st Stake is changing to Provo YSA 1st Stake.  and our ward will no longer be the BYU 51st Ward but the Provo YSA 4th Ward.  It's pretty cool.  I think that this will somehow help to build unity.  That thought just came to me when they announced it so I can't really explain why I think that but I just do.  Like I feel like sometimes people have this stigma about singles wards at universities that they aren't as good as other singles wards or something...see I'm not very good at explaining it.  But if that BYU or USU or whatever isn't attached then it's just like "Oh you belong to that ward."  I don't think that made any sense but I think you can get the idea.  I also heard it's to prevent ward hopping.  But I may not ever know the real reason but that's fine with me.

Relief Society was good.  The lesson was on charity and that was awesome.  I learned so much in that class today.  It was so great.  

Hmmm the weather was so nice too.  Not too hot and not too cold but just right and it just puts sunshine in my heart.  

And in Mission Prep I got to commit everyone in there to being obedient.  Shirley said I did a good job.  Haha here is what I said

Ahem  "Will you all follow the example of obedient people everywhere and mostly Jesus Christ, and be obedient for the rest of your lives?"  

And then I gave them a look from over my glasses that says "You know you should so probably you should do it."

Ok that was my day.  

It was awesome.

Love you all.

Cheers Bye.

Oh and there will be a  shake party at my house Tuesday at 8pm so probably y'all should come and get shakes.  Bring things to make shakes or else...

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I noticed you tweeted about Crystal. xD