Sunday, April 10, 2011

Statues Crumble For Me


I'll tell you why.  

I ran another 5k yesterday morning.  Only this time I did it alone and with no music!! (GASP) That's right Cecelia was dead, well she still is because I haven't charged her in a couple weeks.

But despite these obstacles, I did really well.  I finished in 31:20.5.  Which is like 10:05 min/mile.  And I finished 40th overall.  So I feel good about it.  Oh and by the way there was like 200 people running at least so I wasn't last out of 40 people.  Sheesh.

This 5k was really important to me, not that the Rex Lee wasn't, but this one was about committing to Virtue.  In fact it is called the Commit to Virtue 5k.  It's put on by club STOP, or Students That Oppose Pornography.  It is only their second year hosting the 5k so it was cool to be able to participate.

I oppose pornography.  It destroys families, it objectifies the body, and so many other bad things that I don't know how to phrase properly.  Basically pornography is a big problem, and I would like it to go away.  Or at least have more people realize how useless and stupid it is.  

Ugh it makes me mad to think about so I'm going to change the subject.

Also yesterday I had a ward activity.  It was carnival style and really fun.  Dayan made balloon hats, Blake and Melinda did face painting, there was dart throwing, and more games.  I only participated in the eating part and the cake walk.  Oh yeah and there was a pie eating contest.

It was gross.  5 boys decided to do this.  4 of them are obviously no good at pie eating contests because they were just like barely eating their pie, but the 5th guy was good just really going to town.  Taking my advice an not breathing (Yeah did you know I've been in two pie eating contests?).  Well at one point one of the 4 looks up and notices his competition so he takes a big mouth full of pie and spits it in the other guys pie dish (the 5th who was winning).  It was disgusting but totally hilarious at the same time.  It was like ew haha ew.

And then I was texting Matthew because I was bored and I said that we should play.  He asked what we should do and I remembered that someone said Sugar Ray (yeah Sugar Ray that 90's band with Mark McGrath) was coming and putting on a free concert at the Riverwoods.  Matthew said that was the last text he expected to get.

So of course we went. 

It was fun and really funny.  I don't think Mark McGrath really knew the demographic of his audience because he kept making sex and drinking jokes.  But it was fun to listen to music and hey it was free.  And really, Sugar Ray what are you doing in Provo?


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Renny said...

I keep reading that title as "Statutes Crumble for Me..."

Law school is ruining my life.